Five Day Song Challenge – Day 5 / Song of the Day


This day welcomed me with a thick layer of snow. It already snowed yesterday. It was only from time to time but when it did, it was worse than in winter. I just worry about my poor trees and hope that this was it.

20170419_072910.jpgThis is my poor willow. Usually, its branches are upright and it truly looks like a big crown.

Anyway, I want to send another big THANK YOU to Holly of House of Heart for nominating me for a great music challenge. It is already the last day and I enjoyed it a lot!! 

The rules:
Post what the lyrics mean to you. (Optional)
Post the name of the song and video.
Nominate 1 or 2 bloggers each day of the challenge.

This time I decided to give the challenge a theme and I choose Cat Stevens / Yussuf Islam. It is not easy to only pick 5 songs out of a collection of legendary songs. But that way it may be even more interesting which one shows up 😁

Since it is the last day I decided to share two songs today. It doesn’t make it a lot easier to choose, to be honest… lol. I picked two of which I think they go very well together!

Father and Son – Cat Stevens

Where Do The Children Play – Cat Stevens

For this last challenge day, I nominate: Vonita

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What?? It snowed? It was just sunny not too long ago! I’m behind on reading posts. I’m working now so it takes up a lot of my day. Lol. It’s hot over here! I’m sending you sunny days.

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You are right! It was sunny and felt like summer! That’s April over here. Sometimes it happens that Winter comes back for a short last visit. It is really cold again but at least the sun is back… lol!

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Erika, I love the Cat Stevens tribute. I mentioned my appreciation for “Father and Son,” but “Where do the children play” is marvelous as well. I have a CD of about eighteen of his songs and on road trips it is a joy to listen to with many of the lyrics sung by driver and passengers. Keith

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I so dislike it when we get late snow.. It does so much damage.. and affects blossoms and so the fruits are not as good.. I hope your poor Willow stands the weight of it.. and hopefully the snow will soon melt…
Lovely choices.. Cat Stevens Songs have always inspired and made you think.. 🙂

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Thank God, the snow melted quickly from the branches. There is more sporadic snow predicted… I don’t need snow at all but like you, I absolutely cannot stand it at this time of the year. But it is only a matter of time and winter has taken its last breath… lol!

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Yes.. I love Snow when its time for it.. But late in Spring it can be devastating.. I have know times here.. When Lambing season is underway and it has caught out hill farmers.. who have lost lambs and sheep in drifts.. So lets hope its on its way out.. ❤

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