Day 4 – #musicalmarch🎵🎵


My sis, Ritu over at ButISmileAnyway has a challenge going for March called #musicalmarch. If you would like to participate read more about it here. 

I usually don’t post a song on the weekends but due to my sister’s challenge, I cannot resist doing so. I thought I’d pick some songs I would not post on a regular Song-of-the-Day post. So here I go with a song by Connie Francis from 1961. The 60’s were a time when many artists performed in German (think of The Beatles or even Elvis Presley). I love her voice and her songs were so typical for the 60’s sound. 

Wikipedia says:
Schöner fremder Mann is the fourth German single recorded by U. S. entertainer Connie Francis. The song is the German cover version of Francis’ U. S. recording Someone Else’s Boy. Although the original version didn’t chart, it became one of Francis’ biggest international successes, and it is the only song in her repertoire she recorded in eight languages.

Schöner Fremder Mann / Handsome Foreign Man – Connie Francis

Here is the English translation:

Handsome foreign man,
You are dear to me,
Handsome foreign man,
because I dream of you.
But on the day you go
by with some other woman
you belong to her
and I am alone.
Only in my dream
may I be happy,
be happy with you,
Because only in the dream (do) you belong to me.
and so years will slip away,
I know, I love only you.
There is as long as I live
no other allowed for me!
Handsome foreign man
one day the time will come,
and then shall my dream finally
become reality.
Handsome foreign man
then for us love begins.
Writers: Athina Hosey, Hal Gordon, Jean Nicolas
In Love and Light

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Super, super, super. Das waren coole Lieder. Musste diesmal den englischen Text nicht übersetzen. Konnte den Text auswendig und habe ganz laut mitgesungen. Gut, dass ich alleine zu Hause bin:-)Das waren noch Zeiten, als die Engländer und die Amis deutsch gesungen haben. Ich konnte jeden Text mühelos verstehen:-)

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