Day 23 #Loveuary ❤ – 35 Things I Love


I did not consider participating today. You know, once you have spent a whole day on the computer the motivation to continue after work is not that big. Also, some nights with not enough sleep doesn’t help either…… BUT……
when I left work and stepped outside I took the deepest breath. It is still winter but today we have the most beautiful spring day: sun, the birds are singing, 20 °C (about 70 °F). It even smells like spring. It felt like life’s energy had fulfilled me completely in an instant. I drove home with… guess what… open roof top and cranking the music 😂

Here is a picture of the area:20170223_165514.jpg

So here I am sharing this happily and of course participating 😍  Read more about Ritu’s challenge here!

  1. love
  2. life
  3. my children
  4. my mom
  5. my sisters and their families
  6. my friends
  7. spring
  8. summer
  9. sunsets
  10. sunrises
  11. California
  12. the ocean
  13. the beach
  14. my garden
  15. my job
  16. that I always see something good in everything and everyone
  17. my WordPress community
  18. my blog
  19. my tortoise
  20. the night sky
  21. romance
  22. music
  23. singing
  24. writing
  25. life’s laws
  26. new beginnings
  27. love stories
  28. heart touching moments
  29. compassion
  30. my morning coffee (hmm…. why does that appear only now 😂)
  31. a hot bath after a cold day
  32. going out for breakfast
  33. my laptop
  34. modern technology
  35. love (it simply embraces this all and so much more, needed to conclude with what I began)

After I was through with the 35 things I asked myself why I did not mention myself? And the answer appeared right away: Because I feel like the center of all the things I love. So I must be love itself ❤️

In Love and Light

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It was a special moment when I pondered why I did not mention myself. I basically know clearly that we are the love that created us but in that very moment it was like a deep experience. The experience of the theory! Amazing! Yes, love is everywhere! We don’t need to look for it. We only need to look AT it!


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