Day 16 #Loveuary ❤ – Love Letters


My blog sister, Ritu, of But I Smile Anyway has a beautiful challenge going through this Valentine month. You find more information here!

The Love Letter


Heading to the mailbox
Every single day
Waiting for a letter
From my love, sent my way

Through snow storms and through rain
I go to get it checked
But I find only bills
Meanwhile, my nerves get wrecked

Then finally one day
Could not believe it’s true
A letter has arrived
And yes, it is from you

I tear the envelope apart
In high anticipation
Unfold the precious sheet
My heart, heavily racing

Oh, boy, what’s with your writing?
But no, I won’t give up
Now that it has arrived
I won’t already stop

Yet after two long hours
My eyes were tired and dry
All butterflies absconded
All romance has gone by

Instead my inner world
Is one big thunderstorm
Furious I stand up 
and walk to you next door

I throw the letter on the floor
And scream: “Well, thank you, dear!
You want to be romantic?
Then write before your beer!”

In Love and Light

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Ha ! The ending was unexpected 😀 And it made me nostalgic for the good ol’ days when there was no “instant” response (not that I got to see them for long). The anticipation and butterflies of the wait… even if they live right next door 🙂

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Maybe that’s true.
What I meant was choosing the word beer instead “Drink” could have been appropriate.
It’s been appropriate to you and there ends the matter.
Oh I cannot scribble here even if I want. Hahaha

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I saw it but since time is rare these days I cannot leave a comment everywhere since it causes a reply. It is nothing personal simply a matter of time and me trying to keep up with as much as possible! So when you see a like then you can be sure that I saw it 😊

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Erika I 200% agree.
But I only ask it to those bloggers whose comments are so valid and immense. So also when My Post I feel your comment shall enhance it’s credibility.
I do not expect on all my posts. Be sure!

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I feel very honored to hear that, Shiva! Really! I appreciate this very much and since I cannot promise to always read every post I am thankful that if there is one you would like me to read, I also appreciate it a lot if you let me know. Thank you again!

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Hence I shall do that and I expect it from you too.
I always love to come to yours but….
You know I post once a week, I can afford to do that much only. Sometimes my one post runs for even a fortnight. Rest of the time I keep visiting all blog friends when ever I have the time.
I shall appreciate if you can visit MUSIC and put your thoughts. By the way do not miss the videos. They are worth.
Its only because its now become one of my favorite posts.
In Music I love

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