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Hello Erika, it’s been a long long time since I visited you here and my apologies for that!
Your quotes are always a wonderful read. It’s amazing how love can be associated with a burning fire or soothing cool breeze or a fierce passion or a gentle feeling all at once. Love is such a beautiful thing!

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Oh, don’t worry about that! I am simply happy to see you again and thank you for taking the time to stop by, Aishwarya! You said that wonderfully. Love can even be that cool breeze to calm things down. Amazing!

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Great quote Erika how are you doing today? I am reading World War Poetry and writing about them. I am going to start reading ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ my dad and are compared to The Chief and Mcmurphy. My dad is a giant Native America and I am very much like Mcmurphy. I feel good today I could have got more sleep but I am ok.

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It is true in an interesting way the roles in the movie and real life are reversed. The Chief in the movie says ‘lets go’ his final words to Mcmurphy and it was a story about 2 of them going on a trip one was going to die and other escapes. The Chief frees Mcmurphy kills him because he is now a vegetable. In my father and I’s trip we both go on a different trip as like Chief has the moment where he sees Mcmurphy is a vegetable he says ‘oh no’ knows its too late. My dad had that moment with me when I was waiting to go inpatient for the first time 16 and gone 2 weeks without sleep he had that moment where he wept so much and embraced me. We were going both on a trip. One was going into the hospital for a while not knowing this was God giving me my gift of writing. My father went on his own trip and as love in our life was always mostly unspoken no expressing it, no hugs, no kisses it was Irish Catholic thing keep things inside. While we freed each other in the end. What were my final words to my father ‘The Chief’ going to be. My mind was 98 percent psychotic and be taken over by the illness but as my dad embraced me in my arms like The Chief did to McMurphy I muttered out the words ‘I love you.’ After that they went and took me away. That moment of love between a father and son finally coming out was a moving and touched moment. And here I am today doing great. My dad looks up to me as I look up to him.

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Your welcome. It’s an uplifting story and a way similar compares to the movie One Few Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. All ended up great in the end but mental illnes gives you lots of gifts including a unique perspective and different way of seeing the world which is a gift in itself.

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