Day 6 #Loveuary❤ – Friends


My blog sister, Ritu, of But I Smile Anyway has a beautiful challenge going through this Valentine month. Love is my favorite subject and how could I resist to participate as much as possible. The good thing is there are no real rules. You can choose any prompt that comes to your mind, pick any of Ritu’s suggested prompts, or use them in her order which I do. You find more information here

Today’s prompt: Friends


As Ritu already said: Friends are the brothers and sisters we choose! I love that statement. I am blessed with many people around me I can call my friends. But there is one standing out whom I know for 35 years. When we met in school the first day there was already a bond between us and we became best friends immediately. After school, we wrote each other letters and gave them to each other the next day in school again. Or we talked on the phone for hours. Remember this was during the 80’s: No cell phones but only one home! Due to life and personal developments, our ways parted for many years. We had no problems, it just happened. But I always wrote her for birthdays and Christmas. About 15 to 16 years back the contact got closer again. She became a mom too and for about 10 years we are meeting at least once a month! Our friendship is more important to us than ever before. She knows me better than my own family. She knows all my secrets… and I know hers! We know how we function, where we come from, and where we head towards! We can be silly and totally serious! She would drop everything when I need her and so would I when she needs me. I couldn’t be more thankful for having her in my life!


In Love and Light

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No words can ever express the love of such good friends .. Yet yours have captured the magic of just how true friendship endures the years .. Such treasures are rare… You both are blessed.. 🙂
Loved your post Erika.. 🙂

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They are very rare and the more time passes the more aware we become of that fact! It is a true gift! But then again new friendships can also have that depth. It depends on the two spirits and their spiritual connection! I am so glad that you liked it, Sue 😊

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Hey Erika how have you been?I am doing that Loveuary Challenge too I did 4 or 5 posts on it with different examples. I went through a lot of stuff recently. I got sick again with my Bipolar but positive stuff came of it I wrote 4 musicals that were very long in a short amount. I was very manic and worked incredibly hard one was a musical 50 songs for 50 women that changed my life called ‘Leading Ladies’ I then did one with Catwoman, 3rd was Rita Santos who really deserved shes off in Portugal shes a good friend and is a very nice person and she needs to be appreciated. Chrissy who was in my final complete musical was when I put everything into it. It was all real and about our friendship and my life. It was great stuff. ‘Lucente The Musical’ it was called. I mentally exhausted myself. So they adjusted my meds and they have chilled me down but I haven’t been getting the right amount of hours. So I am taking a break from writing to read books, go on a vacation and do other things. I am reading books this whole month. I’ve started with Kensey,Orwell, history books, Keouric, beat poets, a lot of classics. Well I hope you are doing well. I think they will get my meds worked out eventually but I am doing a lot better I just need the right amount of sleep. ttys

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Yea well things are getting better and as time passes things will stabilize. We are close to the right dosage.Yea I love the challenge it brings out the good in ourselves and helps us see the beauty in the world and the power of love.

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Maybe when I get back to writing in the future I can write a musical for you. Of those women you weren’t in there. You say what? You aren’t the only other woman glaring omission in there so many more I could have put in there. But I love musicals and with the time I’ll likely nearly write a musical for you and all girls. Right now Julia is waving me off no more writing musicals as I mentally exhaust myself.

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