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The publisher of the German edition of my book I’m Free notified me that finally (after 5 years) the book clip was up on YouTube! I know that most of my followers don’t speak German but I wanted to share it anyway since the message also gets conveyed through the video and the music. I hope you like it! 

Available here

And here is the clip of my English book (just in case 😁)

Available here

In Love and Light

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No, sorry! That was made by a professional marketing designer. I was only asked once to check it out and now I learned that the clip was already up for a while… lol! But I am glad you liked it and that it had this effect although you did not understand the words. Thank you, Sacha!


I have to say that I did not hurry. So I’m Free took me (with having two people for test reading too during that time) 1 1/2 years until I was ready to look for a publisher. It was released a year later.
I had to take breaks while writing on the other manuscript when my father died and during the publishing process of the English I’m Free. So it took me about 3 1/2 years to get the German manuscript done!

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I have to say that I wrote all my books independently. Only when I was done I was going to find a publisher. There is this self-publishing possibility like CreateSpace or KindleDirectpublishing where you are provided a platform to do all the formatting by yourself and it costs you nothing (like I did with my poem and my quote book). But I went for a professional publisher for the I’m Free books because it was too important to me that these kind of books turn out perfect in all: cover, text, layout, formatting, all! I had to pay for that but even there you can choose what you want them to do and can control the costs! You can email me any time when you want more details, Lisa!

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