It is so much fun to be a weird mom!


This week, Keith reminded me of a post I wrote about 2 years ago. In that post, I shared a bit of my silliness and craziness, and it made me laugh again. I thought I could actually share it again with you here:

Isn’t it the happiest feeling to just be yourself? When you feel good and just smile all over yourΒ whole face without a reason? When you laugh out loud because you feel like it? When your zest for life makes you shining like the sun? When you crank the music in your car and the bass is vibrating in your stomach – open window, open rooftop? And perhaps you are even singing to the songs? What about just doing something you never did before like talking to a stranger and wishing him a nice day? Dancing and singing through the house while dusting the furniture? Speaking about this happiness and how it emerged out of your deepest spheres? Even writing books and producing songs about it? Doing things you never did before just because you found out that this part of yourself is meant to be which fuels your happiness even more?


Yep! That is what I do. I show my happiness and I live my happiness! And I don’t care anymore what others might think of me. To the ones that may feel offended: I am sorry for them that they don’t allow themselves to feel it. Because I know too well how they feel! Have been there and never go back.


Now can you imagine that my teenage kids are a little embarrassed at times about their happy and open mom? I mean, I even practice my abilities as a medium, lay cards and know about herbs. Yes, I am pretty sure that I was burned on the pile once πŸ˜†Β My daughter complained some years ago that I was a little too weird. I said to her: “Be happy about that, or would you rather have a mom, sitting in a rocking chair with a bun on her head and knitting socks all day long?”Β  My daughter looked at me and said: “Uhm… sometimes…😳”

They will come over… lol!


OK, friends, I am off now for spreading some weird vibes of happiness at my lecture in Germany.

In Love and Light!

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I don’t believe for a second that your children would actually like to have you quietly sitting in a rocking chair knitting!!! No way! Being happy and showing it the best way for them to be happy too, to smile with you and to know it’s ok to be happy and showing it to the world because it actually is contagious! And it’s something that NEEDS to be spread around!
So, please, stay weird (if indeed, it’s weird to be happy, I don’t think so) and most of all, stay happy! And yes, please, share the world at your lecture in Germany!

Happy day!

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Haha! Thank you very much, Juls! I am sure they would be more embarrased today when I sat in that rocking chair… lol! Meanwhile my daughter is in her 20’s and we are having even more fun. But it is that age between 12 and about 16 when parents are so embarrassing… lol!
I need to clarify that mentioning the lecture was part of the original post two years ago. Sorry, about the confusion!
Have a great start into the week, Juls! and thanks for your comment! I had a lot of fun πŸ˜„

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