Merry Christmas!

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In our culture, Christmas Eve is the more important and exciting day than December 25th. The traditional way is to set up the tree during the day. It is done in a room where children mustn’t enter during that time because the “Christkind” (an angel like, heaven-sent spirit – often interpreted as baby Jesus) is setting up that tree and places the presents for the children who behaved well during the year underneath the tree.

The time of waiting can be nerve-wracking for the kids until it is finally evening and the room with the decorated and bright shining tree is opened up with the signal of a ringing bell.

Of course, that tradition varies due to the individual situations or interests. The older the kids the more uncomplicated it is handled. We used to set up the tree on the 23rd at night when the kids were asleep.I still do it although meanwhile, the “kids” help. But they also still love to come downstairs in the morning of Christmas Eve and see the decorated tree. This way, there is also more time to enjoy the 24th!

Which way ever you may spend the Holidays I wish from the bottom of my heart that it will be beautiful. There is a special magic during those hours and days where miracles are more likely to happen. We all can support that magic by being compassionate, peaceful, faithful, and loving.

It is easier to forgive – so do!
It is easier to give – so do!
It is easier to embrace – so do! 

Spreading the magic of Christmas for others is feeling that magic as part of ourselves!

On a personal note: 
I will take a break from posting for the next 2 weeks. Like many of you, I am having lots of gatherings during this time, next to some paperwork I have to get done for my therapy practice. As I already mentioned, I am thinking about a new project which I want to check out and perhaps set up. But I also want to take the opportunity to be more present on your blogs – more reading instead of writing! So I won’t be gone… just giving my blog a break 😉

Merry Christmas

In Love and Light

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Merry Christmas, Erika! I too may be taking a break soon as I organize all I’ve done throughout the year and dream/seek guidance as to where next to land my feet. May this Season’s Love glow all around you and be ever present the whole year long. Love, Amy ❤

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Thank you so very much, Van! I have no words for how much this blogging experience with all of you means to me. I am looking forward to only enjoy reading during the coming days 💖All the best to you and your family today, next year, and every year to come 💖

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