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Ok, I was keeping it together longer than I thought I was able to. But today is the day when I post one of my favorite Christmas songs. Don’t worry, there won’t be a Christmas song each day. I know that most of all our American friends are mostly fed up with Christmas songs by the beginning of December since they are already played in every store, every mall, and whenever you turn on the radio for weeks. So I won’t overdo it. I just love Christmas songs and I think it is right because we can only listen to them during these few weeks each year.

I hope you like this song (and the few that will follow) as much as I do. Perhaps – during hectic mall visits or congested streets – it helps to bring the Christmas spirit back and keeps you focused on what Christmas really is about! Christmas is that open heart that gives for the sake and joy of giving and shares love for the sake of love and peace. Christmas is feeling with others and trying to do what we are able to in our little world to make someone else’s world a bit brighter. Christmas is a feeling, an inner concept, a state of mind which is not limited to a certain season. But there is something magical about this time of year which helps to open our hearts a little bit easier for that Christmas spirit and Christmas songs are supporting it.

Happy Friday!

Someday at Christmas – Stevie Wonder

Sung by only 17-year-old Stevie Wonder!

In Love and Light

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I was just kidding and I am extremely sorry for the above comment.
I thought smiling is better than viewing but I guess I am at fault. I apologize for this. You will never face complaints regarding my comments in future.

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No worries, just thought I should let you know because it was your first commend which felt a bit confusing to be honest. No need to be sorry, now I know. Thank you for stopping by 😊


I just read your about page but could not find a comment section. So I want to do it here. I thought it was interesting. We both are curious to find connections to our physical being with what surrounds us. You with the surrounding world and I with the spiritual world. Great!!!

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I basically needed to stop following other bloggers. I cannot even keep up anymore with the ones I already follow since my life situation has changed dramatically and my time is so limited. I can follow you but I ask you to have mercy if I am not stopping by each post. Would that be a deal?

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You are nice. But I am as normal as can be with all my quirks… lol!!! Just trying to pass on the beautiful insights I was blessed with which can change life for the better 😊


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