Soul Embers


Not even a month ago one of our most amazing poets here on WordPress released his 4th book! Sylvester’s poetry has been deep and profound no matter which one I ever read – may it be on his blog or in his books. 


Soul Embers is a masterpiece of conveying love in many ways and of conveying the different kinds of love. The 98 poems and 7 short stories are expressing God’s love, the love for yourself, and the magic that happens when twin souls meet. You know I love poetry and I love love. I can recommend this book wholeheartedly. You will dive into an energy that fills you with warmth and light. It is a loving treat for yourself or a wonderful (Christmas) gift for any loved one!

What amazes me too is the cover. The light, power, and fire of love that breaks free from the cracks which might have been caused by life now finally burning and shining freely. Notice the little detail of the feather in the book title. I don’t know if the author meant it but to me, feathers are like confirmations that you are on track. It would make sense to me since with love you are always on track.

Sylvester granted me to share one of his poems from his book:

The Courtship

The beautiful journey began with your smile
in which a door opened and a path of light emerged
as I walked the path, I could see small flowers made of flames
I walked and walked until I came upon a tree with different size hearts hanging from it
I did not touch, because I did not feel as though I had earned that right
So I sat at the foot of the tree, thinking of what I should do
slowly one of the hearts lowered itself to me as if it were trying to tell me something
I then heard the sweetest whisper of a voice “close your eyes,” the voice whispered
closing my eyes, I began to see words
theses were the words inside the heart which had lowered itself to me
when I began to understand, a different heart would come down for me to read
this was the beginning of my journey into the knowing and understanding of you
the courtship of true love

Once more my congratulations to Sylvester for his beautiful creation which you can get as a paperback or Kindle edition.

In Love and Light

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