The Mystery Blogger Award

“Mystery Blogger Award”is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts.  Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates.  They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get.  This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma

I am humbled to be nominated by my dear soul sister, Ritu of ButISmileAnyway, for this so honoring award. Thank you, sis, for making me part of your list of great bloggers to receive this award. For sure, my nominator is one of the most inspiring bloggers I know. I am happy we found each other here and even met in person last June. It only confirmed what we already felt in our hearts. If you are that one person who doesn’t know Ritu’s blog yet then please head over. She is a blessed writer in whatever writing, a published author, has a heart of gold, and never fails to give us a smile!  img_0055

The award was created by Okoto Enigma.  Here is the link:

Rules For The Nominees:

  • Display the award logo on your blog. √
  • List the Rules. √
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. √
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. √
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself. √
  • Answer five questions from the nominee. √
  • Nominate anywhere from ten to twenty bloggers. √
  • Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog. √
  • Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question. √
  • Share the link to your best post. √

It is a while ago that I did an aware post where I had to mention things about me. So I will go back to the basics again since there are a lot of new followers in my community:

I am Austrian and was born in Vienna but I am living in the Principality of Liechtenstein. This is one of the 7 tiniest countries in the world with only 37’000 inhabitants.

  1. 20160118_081455I am having one and the same pet for 32 years… you guessed it, it is a tortoise – named Hercules.20160421_170204
  2. I lived in the States for a year, close to Niagara Falls. I love that place but fell in love even more with California almost 8 years ago. No matter what happened during this past week, I will always love the country and the people. I have left a part of my heart there and a part of each place I have been to lives in me. 20160404_150135
  3. I cannot whistle… oh, that was the fourth fact 😁 (No photo here, that looks too ugly!)

Now here are Ritu’s questions:

  1. Would you jump in front of a bus for a complete stranger? I don’t know if anyone really knows this. Even if you are having a big heart and would give your life for anyone, perhaps I was so shocked that I could not even yell. It depends on who am I with too (for example my children – no matter how old they are). But basically, I would always help others who are in danger with all I can!
  2. If a neighbor was a hoarder and lived in unsafe and unhealthy conditions, would you ignore it or take action?  If you did, what would it be? If I noticed that they could be in danger I would for sure talk to them, trying to find out why they are doing that and making them look at themselves to see the situation. If they want I would help to organize to clean up that house and accompanying them after it. Perhaps I would talk to their relatives in case they are not aware. But I would not start talking them into something they don’t feel ready for or doing something they don’t want!
  3. If you could go back in time and change one day in your life, which day would it be and why? It would definitely be the day when I slapped my 7-year-old daughter in the face because I couldn’t deal with the situation in that moment. It breaks my heart every time I remember that moment.
  4. What is your favorite word? Guess what … Love!
  5. The weird question:  If you knew you could get away with it, would you rob a bank? Never ever! I would already feel guilty only considering it and pee in my pants from being scared. I would never get away with it anyway … I would mess that whole thing up totally and everybody went to jail because of me … 😂 no, not the right person for that job!

My sister already nominated a list of people I appreciate so much too. So I am pleased to continue the list of amazing bloggers with another 10: And here they are (without any obligation to participate):


Of course, there are so many more, actually, every one of you since you inspire us in your own wonderful ways!

I forward Ritu’s questions but modify the first one:

  1. Would you overcome a phobia for saving a stranger from a dangerous situation?
  2. If a neighbor was a hoarder and lived in unsafe and unhealthy conditions, would you ignore it or take action?  If you did, what would it be?
  3. If you could go back in time and change one day in your life, which day would it be and why?
  4. What is your favorite word?
  5. The weird question:  If you knew you could get away with it, would you rob a bank?

Thank you again from my heart to Ritu and congrats to the nominees!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.




Thank you so much that you did. I would not have wanted to miss it. Just fyi: if you link to the blog url it doesn’t show a pingback. It needs to be a post or a page. I did not know either. Simone told me once! Again, thank you so much, Sandra! I just reblogged 💖💖

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Dear Friend, congratulations!!! Oh wow! Congrats! And I am SO honored you chose me as one of the nominees which is so humbling indeed. I would love to accept this award however I broke my rule last time on the Healers Award but not able to do so with this one. I will however put the link on my Awards Page. Bless you for thinking so highly of me. Together we weave the world back to Love again!! (((HUGS))) ❤

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Oh, sure, Amy! You know I don’t nominate anyone because I expect them to participate. It simply is an award that is like made for you and I simply want to show you my appreciation with it. You are a gift for all of us here and I thank you from my heart 💖

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The thing is, Erika, I don’t “feel” special yet I know I possess special Gifts. One person in my personal life makes me feel oh so special, something I am getting used to because I was not on the receiving end of that with family. Somehow they equate “specialness” with vanity, a “bad” thing. I know deep in my Heart I’ve been given Gifts and I am so so humbled by them. Believe me. My Honorable Intent is to make a difference in this hate torn world and I really believe I am. And I shall continue to do so …. ❤

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