Romantic Tuesday


Love’s Voice


Most couples have a song
A romantic reminder
Of their love
Your voice is my song
Your sound is my love
It strikes a chord
In my heart’s harp
Vibrating constantly

Whatever word you say
Is a declaration of love
A tender caress
From soul to soul
You could read the telephone book to me
And I would love you more
With each number you say
How can a voice have such an impact?
Because love is the basic tone
Of all you say

Your voice is aΒ key to my heart
Your voice is my song
It lingers in my soul
It must have been there
Long before my ears heard you
Your voice
My morning whisper
It woke me up
To a new life
To life itself

In Love and Light

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Arrrgh…. Sigh……….. Just Love your Romantic Tuesdays..

I will share a little story with you now… But shusssh don’t tell anyone else LOL..
When I worked in textiles we would have a man who would frequently ring up, His Voice got many of us females who listened to his velvet deep voice in goose-bumps if we had the occasion to answer the phone.
And he was always very flattering too.. πŸ™‚ Which got all our hearts a twittering.. πŸ™‚
Then one day we were ecstatic as he said he was going to visit our firm.. πŸ™‚
We had often discussed and wondered what he looked like, was he talk dark and handsome or maybe he was blonde.. We couldn’t wait..
The day arrived.. And the reception desk called me to receive him, all my colleagues giving me the wink.. πŸ™‚ saying you lucky thing to spend an appointment hour with him.
I went along to the desk and looked in the waiting room dismissing the small bald headed man in my eagerness to spot my imagined hero..
I called out the name of him and yes you are already ahead of me… His voice.. Deep, rich and velvet floated back with his welcoming response..

He was a beautiful man.. and very funny… But my colleagues laughed about it to me for weeks.. πŸ™‚
haha… Your poem so brought back the memory of the Man with the sexy voice . πŸ™‚
Lol.. Love to you Sue xxx

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Thank you, Sis! That specific tone in a voice is often only heard by the one it is meant for. Also we speak differently when we are talking to someone we truly love. The voice has a particular vibration πŸ’–

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