I need to share this 😂

I try to stay away from politics and most of all from the current election in the US. But I cannot help it to share this. They are great!

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I’ve had this post on my mind since you posted it, Erika. I really don’t find this kind of humor funny. What is happening with these elections is far from funny. It’s a real shame that talented comedians IMO would stoop to this kind of humor. So many people are extremely upset here in the USA because of the nightmare that is happening right now. Now I feel better I got this off my chest.

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I was waiting for the first comment like this, Amy! The scary thing is that the parody only repeats real life! Believe meover here everybody is shaking their heads! How can a person like Trump be taken so serious for being president…. he is a dangerous combination of arrogance, ignorance, racism, megalomania, eagerness for power and this all with the psych of a defiant and spoiled little boy!

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The other option is not all that great either, Erika, believe me. We are living in dangerous times. And this country has become so split, so angry that I fear that violence will break out after the elections. And yes I just wrote a piece that is still a draft that says what we are seeing in this election is a mere reflection of the overall society today. Yes there are individuals who are still walking Love thank God, but so many are not. And those who point and laugh and make fun I have no respect for. And then the blame too …. I say to those people look at yourself first!

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I would say you should post your draft as soon as possible, Amy! In my opinion the problem of those who are not walking the loving path is not that they are more but that they are louder! I don’t know how qualified Hillary Clinton is but for sure more than the other candidate. And there is one important difference she is aware of the responsibility she takes and she is a grown up! Only my personal opinion. I am not into politics at all and only hear what you simply cannot miss since this all just got so weird! What I just wished was that there was a fair election system where every vote counts and that it is possible to elect a president even a third or more times!

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This draft is not my usual style for Petals and it expresses my strong opinions regarding what is occurring here in the USA. I’m very nervous about publishing this, Erika. I know it is needed for many to hear yet I must really examine my heart to see if I have any “right” to speak these words. Before I do publish them I have to get my nerves under control and to be absolutely sure this is exactly what my heart is guiding me to do without any ulternative motives. There are two subjects I do not talk about both in my real life and at Petals and those are religion and politics. If you see this post you will know my heart would not let this go. ❤

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I totally understand your feelings, Amy! I was nervous too when I published my post about violence and racism on October 3rd – very nervous. But then again, what is it to be nervous about? Whether others know or not we feel the same abou it! It is an opinion and everybody is entitled to have their opinion. Even if someone does not agree… fine! I see how much you want to share this. So do it, Amy! If you want to do it, then don’t wait any longer! This all goes beyond politics and religion. It is a global thing that can affect everybody regardless of origin, culture, race, nationality, religion… or whatever!

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I hear you. I must listen to my Guidance as to the “timing” of the publishing, Erika. And, Honey, please pull back. You are getting effected by this energy whether you realize it or not. I was effected for weeks until I finally determined to pull back, slow down, and get my feet back squarely on the ground again. This energy will eat you alive. Sending Much Love to you this day …. (((HUGS))) ❤ ❤ ❤

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Oh, don’t worry! I simply have my opinion. But I don’t identify myself with what is going on in the US election. I rather try seeing the irony in it right because of keeping the distance. I simply don’t tolerate such characteristics no matter where it happens. As I said, it is more shaking heads. We simply need to see how things turn out and go from there. Take the time you need and if you don’t feel like sharing then don’t. It is your private thing in the end. We love you anyway, Amy 💖

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I simply listen to no one or follow anyone when it comes to my responsibility for my life. This draft is too important to sit on and will be published when my heart directs me to publish it. And in so doing, it will be heard in the perfect time.
I do not tolerate these behaviors either and do stand up to them much more then you know. I pay a high price for doing so. Yet my “reaction” is not spawned from anger or retaliation, but of love. Tough love yes but it is love. Sending in return negavitivy when negativity is present only feeds that energy. So I block it by returning love and peace. There have been times this has been so difficult I have been brought to my knees almost collapsing. I go within to find the Source to regain strength and equilibrium. I have a strong field of protection around me yet this negativity is so harsh it does get through and strikes which I feel directly in my solar plexus. I redirect my breath, pull back and disconnect and pray. I also have powerful people who step in to pray with me in order for me to continue the work set before me. I stay the course.
Much Love, Erika. ❤

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Yay, that’s our Amy!!!! I feel exactly the same! I refuse to send out hatred and resentments in order to fuel the negativity. But seeing injustice happening does something with me and I feel called to do something – not fighting back, but trying to shine even more light for the vicitims and for those who might stand in the dark. If they are standing in the dark is not up to me to judge but in sending light I can do my part for a better view in case they do! I love the power and determination that comes from your lines, Amy! Much love and huge hugs to you too! 💖

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Thank you, Erika!! It’s gonna be one of those posts I push publish with shaking finger. I hold nothing back with this one. And yes next week sometime you shall read it. I am so proactive in my private life that not many wish to “hang” with me. I speak Truth, I know Truth, and if there is one thing I can spot a mile away, it is deception. I’ve been very careful lately where I go and who I associate with. I’m in the process of getting myself ready to grocery shop …. just doing this I must go ahead to clear the way … that is my energy. And then walk in confidence all will be well. So much turbulence everywhere …. Reminds me of the saying, it gets darkest before the dawn. 🙂 ❤

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I can relate to the feelings you explain here so very well. It will be a great post Amy. It will have all your power within and this is what the world needs: People who are not afraid to show what they see as their truth. Only that way we can inspire and provoke others to consider more or different aspects of what is around us! You know I appreciate you a lot and this will only grow!!!

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Erika, there are so many blind eyes and deaf ears and a huge refusal to hear Truth. I have gone over this draft and over it, and it really is ready. Now I must choose the perfect image to go with it. I must really pray and protect myself with this …. I speak of many things that most people don’t want to. You’ll see it when I post it. I still don’t know when. Much Love to you this day!!! ❤

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We cannot force anyone to believe what we believe – thank God! But no matter how many people might listen or how many people might think differently must never keep you from sharing what burns inside of you. It will reach those who need it even if you will never know about it! Don’t worry too much. Those posts I was most nervous about were the ones which got the most positive feedback. Everybody knows that it needs courage to stand up for your conviction and this alone receives a lot of respect. You are very appreciated in the community – don’t worry too much 💖

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Thanks SO much for sharing this, Erika! These SNL skits are a patch of sun breaking through an otherwise, dismally grey election cycle. I truly hope America does the right thing by not letting the “Trump Monster” take office. I still can’t believe that there’s still doubt about that.

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Someone like Trump – who is so close to one of the most important positions in the world – is an insult not only for the States but also for efforts so many countries make to unite instead of separate! He is childish, arrogant, and hungry for power! A dangerous combination. Even if Hillary is not the best choice she is not dangerous… at least this is how I see it and many others in Europe too. I am glad too when this all is over and hopefully there is a female president!

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I agree with you, Erika. This was well said. It’s really sad people actually like him and believe what he says! He doesn’t even remember what he says half the time anyway. Lol.

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