The Magic of Intuition

quote-intuition-is-the-supra-logic-that-cuts-out-all-the-routine-processes-of-thought-and-leaps-straight-robert-graves-328690Did this happen to you too once? You were about to go for something that objectively looked right but for no explanation, you had a confusing feeling and you decided to back off. Looking back you found out that it would have gotten you in big trouble.  Or also the other way around. You are planning something and just feel the way to achieve it without ever doing it before and it worked out! Intuition is something we cannot explain. It is that inner alarm system to keep us safe or which shines a light on the path we should take on our way.

 I had a clear feeling when I was on my job search this year. Of course, I was nervous to get back into my old job because after that long time so much had changed. But I was sure that the perfect door would open and the time felt right. After I had sent countless applications and started to get a little disappointed. Although I was assured that my abilities, my knowledge, and my experiences were very good, there was always someone else who would fit better or I was just that little bit too late and they already found someone before they got to me.  It was a confusing feeling because on one hand, I was so convinced that there was something special waiting for me and on the other hand, some frustration was creeping up. Then April came and I went on a vacation. I worried a bit that I would miss an important job offer but there was a clear conviction I could not explain that after I come back something will open up. Four days after my return, I saw a job offer online and it looked amazing. While reading I saw myself already doing what they described. I applied right away and only two hours later I received a call. I finally got an appointment for an interview. Deep within I thought “this is it”. I have to say that when I left that interview I was not so sure at all about it anymore. I was nervous and due to the way it went I lost my dynamic. “At least I made an experience which will support me to get to my real job.”, I told myself. But only two days later I had that job! It was a struggle at times because we all started new with this company. But we have grown together. We got to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses which makes us work fantastically as a team. It felt good from the beginning and today I can honestly say that I was right: I have arrived!
As I mentioned it often, I believe that we have come here with a personal program only the individual has access to. This program is stored within that spiritual being we are and not in our mind. That’s why this “gut feeling” often sounds so unreasonable because the mind has no explanation. But how shall the mind explain the plan of the soul? Down here we always need proofs and confirmations for what we do in order to justify our decisions. But that is only an unwritten rule we have passed on within our society. If we only do what we already know here we won’t ever experience something we don’t know! That also means to take steps into unknown spheres which we already see in our vision but have not experienced yet. The most successful people or legends did something on one ever did before. But they saw it and felt that it was right to go for it! Yes, I would say it is part of intuition when our inner voice is directing us with signs and visions in order to stick to our program. We are that program down here. And if we deny it we cut off the connection to the server. That means we feel lost, without purpose, without identity, without meaning. That can happen when we rely more on our mind than on our soul.
It is not that we shall refuse to work together with our mind. Not at all! Our mind has an important function. Its priorities are on the body. As the soul is in charge of our spiritual development so is the mind in charge of the body’s well-being. We need our body in order for our soul to make its experiences down here. But what the mind has to learn is that the soul is the reason it exists! The task of the mind is to find a way to incorporate the soul’s plan into the physical world. The mind has such a power. It can detach us from our soul’s wisdom and energy or even connect us more. It is like a filter between the source above and our heart. So our heart has to clarify that the mind needs to support and not to fight its messages.
Intuition to me is kind of a mixture of the soul’s voice and instinct. Instinct again means to me an unconscious reflexive opinion or action sent from the mind in order to care for the body’s survival. That means that intuition is individual. That’s why some decisions of others like breaking out of their safe and well-organized life and burning their bridges make no sense but can be the only way for them to arrive where they are meant. I don’t know your program and you don’t know mine. Both are different and both are right. Our intuition supports us to stay on track when the mind would tell us something different. With following our intuition we avoid detours. From the day you were showing up on this planet, you have walked a path no one did before. So how could anyone judge it? Today you are exactly where you are supposed to be in order to arrive where you are supposed to be tomorrow. Accept your unique path of life and accept the ones of others – no matter what you would do!
The mind analyzes, the soul simply knows.
Intuition is a pure truth coming directly from your soul’s wisdom.
In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


This is beautiful. Very thoughtful with a lot of wisdom that could have only come from careful thought/experience. It would be nice to get your thoughts on the ways in which people can work to strengthen the connection they have to their intuition. Thanks for sharing.

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Sometimes it is a long way to trust your own inner voice and actually give it a voice. But once someone even considers the pathe to the inner world opens up again. It is a process which contains a lot of insights on the wayand leads deeper one by one and strengthens the trust in your inner knowing. Thank you very much for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment☺

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I totally hear you! It is not easy to trust it again once we got convinced that our intuition is only good when it gets along with other people’s opinion! But once we could detach from them, it comes back …. because one intuitive decision was the detachment!

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Another very interesting read there, Erika! Intuition is a funny little thing…it’s that little voices…spirit in your soul, in the deepest depth of your gut…and only known to the owner…one that’s too powerful to ignore. I have had plenty of times in my life nd that one time I dismissed my intuition because of a different conviction , I got burnt. That was a very painful personal lesson on gut and Intuition. 😦

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Our intuition can save our life, just we remember to listen.
You describe it so well, Erika 🙂
When we feel in doubt, what to do, be still, breath deeply and feel the sense of your stomach. After that, the decision is more easy to take.

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It’s a way drawn from life and I can very well relate to it! That is what I so appreciate about you and the other commentors. You all tell how you see it and those explainatiion completes the picture so well. Thank you!

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If there is anything I have learnt in the last few years is to learn to listen to my tummy. It knows a lot more than my brain. Listening to that inner voice is an art and understanding what it says is even more complicated than science – but once it works, it never let goes.

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You said something very important here, Prajakta. The inner voice is “more complicated” than science. Science gets explained by what the mind is able to comprehend. But the inner voice is our eternal part…. so how could the mind understand the soul? Thank you for that comment, Prajakta 😊


Thank you very much. You touched exactly the crucial point…. How can the body-bound mind understand the voice of our soul? Our soul bears the wisdom about all we need to know on our journey down here. If we listen to the mind we will get to our destinations too… somewhen…. but we will take detours and most of all we will still have that confusing feeling as long as heart and mind are not aligned. Thank you very much again 😊

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Very interesting read, Erika. I truly believe in that gut feeling. I’ve followed mine many times and things have always come out good for me. It has especially played a big part in my life when we have moved house. I instantly know when I step into a property if it is the right or wrong place. I’ve often not even had to look around a property after getting a negative gut feeling when standing outside of it.

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I can relate to what you say, Hugh. You are a very sensitive person and you feel more than the eyes can see. That makes it unnecessary to look around, since your inner alarm system already reacted! That’s a really good example. That means also that you truly feel home where you are.
Thank you, Hugh 😊

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