The Challenge of Growth!

Last week I wrote about the seeds we spread constantly through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. I told how they are responsible (consciously or not) for the miracles we are experiencing in life and that most of them are co-created when many put the same or similar convictions into their beliefs and convictions. After I had scheduled that post a friend of mine sent me the quote above. It is again about that little seed that carries a garden of wonders inside. But there is a different message behind it.

We are talking about the miracle of growth. We all want to evolve, want to develop, and blossom. But too often we forget that this means that we need to break through the shell we have lived in before. This can be really tough.

Throughout our lives, we are decorating our little world with our dreams, our achievements, the insights we gained from them, and the new perspectives and new dreams, achievements, and dreams. One day, our perspective might be so much bigger than the world in which it started growing. That is the moment when the caterpillar has eaten up everything and thinks that was it, I reached the limit. But in a miraculous way, it wakes up in a cocoon that seems to limit it even more. Instinctively it breaks through that cocoon and feels a lightness like never before. Not only that, all of a sudden it can even fly and enjoy the higher perspective it gains from above while fluttering through a much bigger world now.

We often reach the limits of our mental shell without noticing it. Everything around us seems to be more and more pressuring and we don’t understand. Our mind doesn’t want a change but everything pushes us towards it. Things are falling apart in our lives, losing jobs, relationships are falling apart, kids are moving out, friends are moving away, or many other things… and we are questioning what we were doing wrong or we even feel punished for something we don’t understand.

But that is all right, as we are moving on and on instinctively and consuming all around us that we need for our growth there isn’t enough left to secure our growth. But growth is the bottom line of life. That is why we came here: to experience, collect insights, and evolve from them. The benefit of this physical life is that we can break things down when it doesn’t fit anymore and build them all new in order to make them fit our current state of consciousness. When we don’t break the walls down ourselves because of our unawareness then it will happen automatically due to our changed radiation.

That is also one of those miracles I talked about last week. It is all perfectly organized in order to always keep us on track! Our spirits are in constant connection with the source. It is like the formula in an Excel sheet “When – Then”. It happens automatically without us doing anything due to a universal. It is scary of course because we don’t know what to make of it. But right this is the time when it is most important to go with the signs. Nothing happens just so. In those confusing times, it is necessary to not lose your faith. Actually, when things are falling apart it is a clear sign that you are ready for something new. That you are ready for more! The more you are aware of that and the more you are then hanging in the more you are supporting the change in order to arrive faster in your newly designed world.

Nothing happens to punish you! NOTHING! When you see that the shell is breaking apart then don’t be scared because you feel like losing your shelter. The shelter is all around you anyway. But the shelter is soft and flexible. Once it gets too tight and hardened then it needs to be broken or it gets brittle. The breakdown itself can be the necessary preparation for a life you always wished for. You are amazing and you have come here to experience how amazing you are. 

When things fall apart doesn’t mean that you are falling down. It means that you have stepped above!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Change and chaos is upon so many of us, Erika. Change hurts. Growth hurts. Both are so scary because we honestly don’t know where are going anymore. Nothing feels right. Nothing fits right. And then the big explosion when that hard as rock shell falls into pieces so that the seed of what is inside may grow. Powerful powerful post, dear friend, one that I know many at this time can relate to. Keep on writing. You are helping so many!!! ❤

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You let me look quite a bit into your heart and from what I know of you by now I am humbled by your comment. You experienced so much in your life and were challenged to points where others throw the towel. Having you saying this all – believe me – is amazingly encouraging. I am happy and deeply thankful when my post triggered a comment like yours, Amy! Thank you so much 💖

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Wow, Nicodemas, what a comment. I totally believe so! Change is with us at all times in order to make sure we don’t stagnate. You can tell lots of stories for sure what amazing insights you get from those challenging times of change.Thank you very much for you appreciated comment, dear friend!

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