Romantic Tuesday


Do you know that feeling?


When you look into his eyes

And you fall into an ocean

Surrounded by waters

Which make you breathe even deeper

Caressing you

With an unknown thoughtfulness


When thoughts of him

Release butterfliesΒ again and again

And you want nothing more

Than flying with them

Right into his arms

Because you are almost going crazy

From missing him


Do you know that feeling

When his touch is more

Than just a physical sign of love

Because you feel his soul

Speaking through his body

Treasuring all of you

And loving you

Because you are the way you are


When his arms become your fortress

You don’t care about what was

Or what will be

It’s only him and you

What matters is his presence

Because you feel safe and secure

Calm, peaceful, and strong


Do you know that feeling

When life is sunny

Since you met him

No cloud or rain can dim the light

When your smile is tattooed on your face

Because love shines and energizes

Each fiber of your being

9301438bd910f6b85d0d244878562cb4When you could scream

From happiness and gratitude

That finally what you have dreamed of

All your life

Has manifested

In him

de375e63b379f824a5bd29328c2cdf38When life appears

Almost surreal colorful

And you need to pinch yourself

At times

Because this all

Seems too good to be true


Do you know that feeling?

You know what?

I do!


In Love and Light


Photo credits:, Pixabay,,,Β

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Author, Poetess, Singer, Mom, Life Explorer, Business Woman, Therapist Remember who you really are and conquer the world the way you always wanted!


Thank you so, so much. What an amazing comment, Sue! And thank you for being happy with me! It is always so wonderful to hear that what I put into my writing also flows to the reader πŸ’–


Heena, I am humbled to hear that from such a talented writer like you. I am always happy when I can convey what I want to express. I think when we let our inspiration and feelings simply flow it will always reach that point in others! Thank you so much, dear πŸ’–

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And your words mean a lot to me, Erika. I love reading your poetry and I have a lot of catching up to do in the coming days as I’ve missed a lot on your blog.
BTW, I love your new theme. It’s very warm and inviting ❀

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Thank you so much! I am really happy with the theme and I am even happier that the result I hoped to achieve with it seems to work. I wanted to have a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and not too much things around. Thank you for confirming this. Don’t worry about catching up, Heena! You are only one woman πŸ˜‰

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You’ve perfectly achieved the desired effect, dear. It’s really very inviting. I guess light colors have a really good feel to them, don’t they!?
And thanks for understanding. I feel so much better that now I’m able to make enough time to at least read everyone’s blogs every week (even more sometimes!)
It feels so good to be around friends who understand me πŸ™‚ ❀

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