Romantic Tuesday

I am your lady …


My back on your chest

Your arms wrapped around me

Holding me tight

Your cheekย on mine

Closed eyes

Enjoying the moment

Your hand strikes a strand of hair out of my face

Tenderly continuing its journey from my neck

Down to my shoulder

While you whisper a kiss

Softly on my temple

I pull your arms tighter

And lay my head back

Resting on your shoulder

This is where I want to be


Surrounded by you

By loveโ€™s indescribable bliss

Forgetting the world

Disappearing in the depth

Of a kaleidoscope of feelings

Merging souls

Through loveโ€™s connecting magic

Leaving the place of minds

Traveling to new dimensions of perception

Love beyond this world

Your arms

My home

Your love

My garden


My life

In Love and Light


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I”ve dreamed it all my life, too, Erika, and I have yet to find it. If you have, darn am I ever excited for you! I had a lot to learn about Love which I have before I could even attempt to attract this Love into my Life. I actually ran into a couple today and as we conversed, the energy between them is very much as you have described here. There was such a sweet gentleness between them, laughter, tenderness and when I actually told them friendship first and then sex, they looked at one another and said, “We know”. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just this comfortable with them that I could speak from my Heart. To actually SEE this sort of relationship in front of my eyes has truly warmed my Heart and given me a knowing in return that this too is possible for me. See what a few hours can do? Before I had met this couple, I wouldn’t have known, truly known, a relationship like this can exist. They were so sweet together, a perfect fit. *sighs*

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Oh my, Amy! That was moving what you wrote here. Truly amazing that you just encountered that couple now! This is truly flabbergasting. Either a signpost or you are just more focused. Either way, how wonderful to get confirmed that the kind of love we dream of is happening! Thank you so very much for sharing. Very very touching! Sighing with you…

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