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My blog sister Ritu of But I Smile Anyway  recently posted about her new domain name after she upgraded her blog with the premium package. I too upgraded my blog recently in order to have more storage or my songs and photos but I did not have the time to chose a new theme which was overdue! Today the day has come!

My first theme was set up by my publisher in order to give me a start into the blogging world. I worked and extended that theme for about 2 1/2 years. But for a long time, I thought about a change. I wanted a theme that is calmer and lets the reader focus on the post. I wonder what you think about it.

I will still work on the site and change this or that detail but what you see is more or less what you get from now on!

I also have claimed my new domain name which is now

So I got to go for changing my new URL everywhere 😁

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Erika Kind, Wordpress


Yes, when I went to that color choice it was then moment when I knew this is it! It is easy at the eyes and has a calming effect to me. Thank you for confirming this and I am glad you like it, Van. All the information is now below and nothing disturbs the reading. 😊

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Thank you so much, Hugh! I am happy you think so. It shall give the visitor a peaceful feeling and I hope I that is achieved. I am glad how it turned out and that it was set up so much faster than I expected it. Yes, that is true, changing the theme keeps the blog alive. We develop and the blog develops, so a theme change is a neccessary result. Hope you are doing good, Hugh!

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Spot on, Erika. I’ve changed themes three times since I started Blogging in Feb 2014. Gives the blog a whole new refreshing look which followers always seem to appreciate. I’ve always been one that tries and resists change, but changing blog themes gave me a new lease of life.
I’m still working on my book, but am very well. Thank you for asking.

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I think the experience of changing the theme for the first time gave me exactly that feeling. Like moving into a new apartment. Now I have to furnisch and paint it before I move to the next one… lol
Hugh, perhaps you know how I can do that. I want to change the font size and color of the menu in the header but cannot find where I could do that.
Also I want to break the comments into pages. But although I change that in the discussion settings (and save changes) nothing changes at all. I contacted WP too but thought perhaps you know that!

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Hi Erika. Yes, press the Customize button next to Themes in the menu bar that appears on the left-hand side of your blog. That will open up a new page and a new menu that shows buttons for changing Site Identity, Colour & Backgrounds, Fonts, Header Image, menus, CSS, Widgets and is also where you can set a static front page. I’m not sure about breaking comments into pages. If you have done and saved the settings then there may be a bug with the theme you’ve selected. When I selected my current theme I found a few bugs (mainly with the Social Media links) and reported them to WordPress who then duly sorted them all out for me.

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Thank you, Hugh! Yes, I am familiar with that customize option. But that doesn’t work for the header. I just got a reply from WP and I have to go over the CSS. So at least I could change the font size that way. I asked them back if I can change the color that way too. I also received an answer regarding the comments. The comments which are counted is always the first one of a conversation. So no matter how many replies may appear it counts as ONE. That way there can appear more messages than only the number they are limited to. So at least that makes sense! Thank you very much, Hugh! I so appreciate your effort. Feel strongly hugged 💖

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