Dear Michael! – In Loving Memory

I repost this from last year because it feels to me as if I just had it written. Just modified it a little

This is a little tribute to a person who not only had a big impact on the whole music industry and on the evolution of music in general,  but also on my life (and for sure uncountable others) in particular. Michael’s songs were with me in my difficult teenage years. They lifted me up, helped me to cry, and empowered me. I was amazed by Michael’s voice, his words, his incomparable way of dancing, and of the message he spread and left for us.

I was blessed to see him on his Bad Tour in 1988 and on his HiStory Tour in 1997. The past years I went to see the musical Thriller Live” (which started before he passed), The Cirque De Soleil Immortal Michael Jackson twice, and another tribute show. Believe it or not but at some point of each of those events, his spirit was clearly sensible. I swear I felt it clearly.

The day Michael died it felt like losing one my closest friends. RIP MJ

I hope you like the little poem I wrote below and find some more songs of an unforgettable genius.

Dear Michael, just a note for you.
I’m sure up there is lots to do.

Six years ago those breaking news
I was in shock for many days.

For 30 years you’re my companion.
Could not believe that this should end now.


When I was sad got lost somewhere,
Then you made sure that you were there.

You went with me through good and bad.
You made me smile when I was sad.

You made me laugh, you made me cry.
Felt understood, we both were shy.


Your music made pop history.
Your life was a big mystery.

You weren’t allowed to be a kid.
Your childhood was a working trip.


You tried to heal the world with love
And never thought it was enough.

When friends and hope at times seemed gone,
I prayed you knew, you’re not alone.


Your legend’s spread like butterflies.
I thank you what you left for us.

This day it still brings me to tears.
You rocked our world, we miss you here.

At night when I look at the moon
I ponder why you’ve gone too soon?


Whatever you’re about to do,
Just know we won’t stop loving you.

Now rest in peace, my teenage hero.
The angel choirs now rock with you.

In Love and Light!

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Right, you say it, Lynn! We might not notice it but we should never stop telling what we think we have to tell. Because it can reach that one person that just needed it and makes that inportant change in their lives.

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