Song of the Day – Forever Michael

For today, I want to share a different side of Michaels genius. Did you know that he was part of a modern mini version of The Wizard of Oz?

He played the part of the scarecrow on the side of Diana Ross in The Wiz. I share two clips of the movie. Both are short so enjoy them! For those who want to see the full movie click HERE

The Wiz



Then there was Moonwalker in 1988

The Trailer

The Movie


And then there was this…. BE AWARE….

Everybody knows and talks about the spectacular Thriller video as the first of its kind as a mini movie from 1984. But who remembers that he produced an even more impressive mini movie with a length of 39 minutes, including the Making of ? I am talking about Ghosts. I had to ask Wikipedia to get all the amazing facts together:

“Michael Jackson’s Ghosts is a 1996 short film starring Michael Jackson, co-written by horror novelist Stephen King and directed by film director and special effects guru Stan Winston which could also be classified as a long-form music video. It was filmed and first screened in 1996 and released along with select prints of the film Thinner. It was released as promo a year later internationally on LaserDisc, VHS and Video CD. Jackson plays a total of five roles in the film.

The film tells the story of a scary Maestro with supernatural powers, who is being forced out of a small town by its mayor all the way to New York, pictured as a comically arrogant, plump man who bears more than a passing resemblance to Thomas Sneddon (the main prosecutor in Jackson’s infamous child sexual abuse case from three years earlier). The movie includes a series of dance routines performed by Michael Jackson and his “family” of ghouls. Every song from the film was taken from Michael Jackson’s albums HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I and Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix.”

Now enjoy but be aware….. it is getting really scary……. but with a lot of black humor!



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Erika, Watched it all the way through, the last one 🙂 and thank you for pointing me here. I had not seen this full version before. And loved Michaels Imagination. His lyrics on his songs always holding a message..
Have a great rest of your day
Hugs Sue ❤ xx

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I found out later about the Wiz when I checked all out about MJ in my teenager years. I loved Ghosts. It is a bit scary, has fantastic special effects, and is funny too! I wonder what you think!


Wow. Look forward to checking these out tonight after dinner Erica. Thriller was such a classic. My son performed this in a school concert years ago and even then it gave me shivers. Great clip. Michael Jackson was so versatile.

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It is interesting what you say. I always get shivers when anybody performs songs of MJ. I can imagine that it is even more moving when it is your son. Enjoy the videos tonight. I wonder what you say about Ghosts. I love it!


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