O… M… G!!! Flooded Mind and Ground!

What a day! I did not expect me posting today but I really need to relax for a moment with you guys. I’ve had a real marathon day.bitmoji373725694.png

Work was pretty busy today which I actually don’t mind. It is just that there is too much not organized in the background. Sometimes I think our bosses just wanted to have a business center and never thought about the organization behind. And although we (my co-worker and I) did not grow with their idea I often believe that they think we should knowย it all. Pretty chaotic at times to say the least. Time will tell….

Anyway, I left at 1.15 pm, feeding pets, having a really quick lunch, changing into more casual clothes, and getting ready for my client at 2 pm. It was only a short appointment and I left at 2.45 pm for my big weekly shopping tour. I had a really long list and that on a Friday afternoon. But I am organized and noted everything down in the order I walk through the store if not…


… they changed the places they put their products AGAIN! This time, they did not only change one section. No! They changed at least 2/3 of the whole store… and it is a big store! But I made it home by 5.15 pm through the evening rush hour traffic which took me double the time. I stopped at a flower shop in order to get a huge orchid for my sister-in-law. Tonight is her birthday party. No problem….. I will get there and perform the zombie dance…

I wanted to share this all with you with a funny touch and wanted to add some Bitstrips images. I checked my Bitstripsย app only to find out that my whole account was gone… all gone!!!


At least my Bitmojisย are still there….

The basic idea of this post was sharing the floodings all around here. It is crazy how much rain we’ve had for almost three weeks. The whole ground is not able to absorb the water anymore. The river Rhine is on a very high level and the little creek beneath my house has become a river itself almost reaches the street at some points. Yesterday we had even weather warnings about heavy rain which lasted for 12 hours. Here are some pictures.

Normally the river looks like that:


But today it looks like this. The little trail is flooded completely at some places.

I am living on a hill so I don’t am not threatenedย by a possible flood. The dam will be solid enough anyway. But I worry a bit that the ground up here loses its grip. I am walking in a swamp when I try to reach my guinea pigs in their outside enclosure. We are having a rain break today and hopefully tomorrow. But there is more rain predicted from Sunday on again!

It felt good to write this all from my chest. I will be back soon to read your posts and comments. By then just know that I miss you all!!!

In Love and Light

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Haha… It won’t have been the last of such days. Usually I am master of organizing and setting priorities in order to not get to that point. But last Friday, there was no other way. No problem so far. Have a lovely weekend too, dear Heena! ๐Ÿ’–


Oh yes, I thought of you definitely, too, Raphaela. We are still lucky that there are no serious floodings but there are several basements under water due to the groundwater level. Stll raining here too and for most of the next week. Sending stop-raining vibes to you too, Raphaela. ๐Ÿ’–


Oh….. that simply can happen and believe me…. could have been me too when too much is going on. But you had a lot to cover. So I guess today she understands!


I do my best โ˜”๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Yes, I am glad the Bitmojis were still there. I don’t know why the Bitstrips disappeared. It is not even a week ago that I logged in the last time. So what… ๐Ÿ˜

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I think that is exactly the point! As long as I don’t get too emotional envolved I don’t stress myself too much! It is their responsibility in first place. I can still keep the distance and love to go to work ๐Ÿ˜Š

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