Meet (Some Of) The Bloggers (On Video) From The 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash

Here it is: Hugh’s Blogger Bash report and…. THE VIDEO!!!!

Hugh's Views & News

If you haven’t heard about The Annual Bloggers Bash yet, then where have you been?

Bloggers Bash 2016 Logo

I’d like to thank everyone who came along to the event and for making it the huge success it was. Last year, just over 20 of you attended. This year it was just over 50, and boy, what a great day it was. I only wish I could have magically got everyone there who wanted to come so they could have shared the magic of the day. New friendships were formed, lots of hugs were in evidence and everybody met up with online blogging friends they’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.

There have been lots of posts all over WordPress about the event and I’ve been busy reading, tweeting and sharing them across social media. Where possible, I’ve added all the posts to my Bloggers Bash Pinterest board.

When Sacha Black first…

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Awh, you are so lovely, Kim! I know it can be a big challenge at times to get to all the blogs we follow. I appreciate it even more that you stopped by and watched the video. We had such a blast and I hope that there will be an opportunity to meet you too one day! 😊

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Awww Erika so cute to see you again in a live version! lol I mean in video ahah your beautiful accent and your voice soon did bring me back inour happy November when we met here in California! So nice to see you looking great you’re a sunshine! And I got happy to see a very excited and happy Ritu and Rich, so I was very happy to see some of my dear friends there with you! ❤

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Awh, on that weekend I often thought about our meeting, Carolina. It was so special to meet you as one of the first bloggers ever. Hugh did a great job with the video to catch the live moments for those who coudln’t be there and meet their friends that way in a more personal way. It was so much fun and time went by so fast. I hope that you can join us perhaps next year! It is an amazing experience! Huge hugs, my sweet Carolina 💖

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Yes, exactly, thatk’s what I thought too… lol! It was a lot better yesterday and a good day all over! Hope your week has been going well so far too, Sis….. except the running!😄

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It’s going sis!!!
I think I have 6 more reports to skeleton write, then we go,into the editing process.. See even reports need that!!!
Tomorrow I have a course, the. We are busy on the weekend!!
Can I catch a break??!! Maybe in 5 weeks once the summer holidays start!


LOL…. Ionce the camera was pointed on me I was like forgetting everything …. haha! The video is fantastic and it truly conveyes the excited atmosphere on the Bash! Hope to meet you too one day – on a Bash or wherever! 💖

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