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Erika, I recognize your picture is referencing romantic love, but this needs to be a general statement after the tragedy in Orlando and the non-Muslim man who was arrested on his way to California with guns to wreak havoc at a Gay Pride event. The enemy is hate and violence. A solution is love and inclusiveness of others. We must not condone hate speech and involve all in the diligence to watch out for those who would do harm. I am not saying we should all do a “kum-ba-ya” but we should respect each other and shine spotlight on hate speech or actions.

Sorry for the digression, Keith

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Awesome, Keith! I think exactly the same. Although the first reaction may be anger it is not what changes anything for the better. We must share love in order to reap love. We must show compassion and support for those who need it now and not start sowing hatred.
Now, I tell you that I scheduled that quote already 11 days ago….
Thank you very much, Keith. Your comments mean a lot to me and there is no digression at all. You simply shone another light on it!

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Thanks Erika. Talk show host and comedian John Oliver focused on the long line of people waiting to donate blood for the victims as representative of the best of America. That is where we make the difference. As I mentioned on my post of yesterday, Frank Langella at the Tony Awards noted there are three responses – we can let this define us, we can let this diminish us or we can let this strengthen us. He then said we stand with the victims and their families and friends.

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Exactly! Taking positive action is what is needed in such situations. Langella’s statement is so very true! Let us be strengthened and stick together for more love in this world! Thank you, Keith!


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