Romantic Tuesday

Missing you…


Missing you is always heavy

And sometimes really hard

But knowing that we feel the same

Takes pressure from my heart


In all we do and think and feel

We are connected strongly

It feels as if you stood behind

With your strong arms around me


Missing you is bittersweet

It pulls us closer every day

And strengthens our love and fuels

That burning fire constantly


The love we share is wonderful

But there’s always this “when”

‘Cause sometimes it’s so hard not to

Know when I feel your skin again


Although we know our time will come

When we don’t need to part

It does not mean it often tears

Our longing hearts apart


I wished that one day would come soon

When missing you does end

When kisses are exchanged in person

And don’t need to be sent


There’s nothing else I wish for in

This life than being with you

May all my dreams are shattered

If just this one soon comes true


In Love and Light

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Thank you so much for your amazing comment, Sue! When love is so strong than missing feels hard but as a blessing at the same time. It fuels the love and pulls together even more but missing is still painful!

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Haha…. thank you for trying to get me involved I love your Romantic Tuesday Erika… I tried on my Gardening blog to do a picture post once a week.. I still fell behind in that 🙂 haha… I will search for a poem just so you can read.. 🙂 xxx hehe… Hugs ❤

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Bless you.. I am rushing here again in my notifications list as I managed to visit a few last evening.. 🙂 The PC is going in for a service tomorrow so I do not know when I will get it back.. so hoping to get a little post done before I take it in.. 🙂

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Awh, that is just amazing, Sis 😘 I am happy I can convey these feelings so clearly. Thank you so much, I am really humbled. I love these poems and your words make me enjoy writing them even more 💖

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