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Filter … Funny how this one little word can make such a huge difference. I think the majority of us don’t even realize we are gazing and acting through a filter. I honestly don’t think it is possible to live without some filter because of where we are, 3D. If we even had the ability, which I sincerely doubt we do, to be completely us in our natural state of Being, we would be so bright we probably would blind all around us. We also act a different way when we are with children versus adults for example. Freedom I think comes when we are aware of who we are in this dimension as the incarnation of this life in order to learn the lessons we came here to learn. Interesting concept though … yet I don’t think is possible in this realm. ❀

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Ha, you are a step ahead 😊 That definitely doesn’t work! Then we would miss our purpose here. The reason we came here is to play a certain role in this incarnation. Therefore we need a certain program. What I mean is taking off the filter of being someone we are not and inventing a personality and opinions in order to fit into something we actually don’t want to fit in … I mean, taking off the filter and being who we want to be in order to live a life according to who we feel we are.
There is also that kind of filter we need in order to only let through to us which we choose to accept. But that is another kind of filter.
Thank you, Amy, I love how deep you went into it! πŸ’–

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Such true words, Michelle! And right they are the ones who are in an age where they feel pushed into a train they have to ride because society says so! But some don’t lose it and they are true shining lights in all their youth and power!

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