The Smiley Thumb Award

What an amazing week it was. I got a new job and on Sunday night I was gifted with a new award – new to me but also new in general! It was Lisa of Life of an El Paso Woman again who kindly nominated me for this lovely award. I am really excited about it. Thank you so very much 😘 I love to smile, I love to see others smile and I love to make others smile…. so what more could make me smile or cause me to make others smile… lol!!! Yes, I am smiling all over my face. 😃

But I always smile when I have a chat with Lisa about whatever. We are having the same wavelength in so many ideas, interests, opinions, and in our humor. She is an amazing woman facing life with the will to conquer it whatever it provides. She has an interview series going each Saturday and she is posting songs daily! Please, head over to hers, you will love her blog and my gorgeous friend! 😃


The award rules:

*Include the photo of the Smiley Thumb Award 😃

*Thank the person who nominated you. Provide a link to their blog. 😃

*Tell us what makes you smile. Music, food, spending time with people I love and writing make me smile. 😃

*Nominate as many bloggers as you’d like. 😃

*Include these rules in your post. 😃

Now, what makes me smile? Really, it would be easier to list what makes me not smile!  As I said, I love to smile! I smile for the sake of smiling. It makes me feel good. Smiling at others makes them smile and it makes me smiling even more. I smile when I say good morning to my kids. I smile when I hear a bird when I open the windows, see a butterfly fluttering by. When I see a thoughtful message, a comment or reply from you guys. I smile when I see that wonderful things happened to someone. I smile because I want to smile. You know what makes me smile? I myself! Because I choose to smile and not wait to be made smile. 😃

You know what? I would love to nominate you all because you all make me smile whenever we get in touch during the day. But as always when receiving a new award I want to consider my closest blogily first. You guys make me smile when even I think of you:

My soul sister, Ritu (see, the first reblog) 😃
My lil  blog bro, Rich (you made me smile from he beginning) 😃
My poetic soul brother, Syl 😃
My rhyming blog sis, Judy 😃
My devilish humorous and ironic sis, Marissa 😃
My Jammy Dodger’s eating tea buddy, Amanda 😃
My second mom from Louisiana, Linda 😃
And last but not least:
My nominator herself, my sister by heart, lovely El Paso Lisa 😃

I know, not all of you guys are participating in awards. But that won’t ever keep me from nominating you in order to show you my appreciation!

In Love and Light

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