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Happy Friday to all of you! I am late today but I will get it done. This week was exciting but also very busy in general for me.  But here some impressions of my blog week.

Best of


-Purple-Rain-purple-rain-35233237-800-600This week was very successful for my posts in general. Thank you for visiting me so often. But I am absolutely surprised that a little post I just spontaneously posted last night made it number one quickly: Purple Turns Black Today… 



Chrissy of Christina Strigas  published her latest book Chapbook. She sais it is a preview of her poetry book…. hmm… that makes even more curious!


Special Announcement


From 1:30 pm to 2:00 EDT our amazing poet Sylvester of Syl65’s Blog is giving an interview on Annette Rochelle Aben‘s Blog Talk Radio today. Finally, we can hear the voice to his deep and insightful poems. For the ones who cannot listen live today…… Please, Sylvester post the link to listen later!



Thank You

During the past week, I was honored by two wonderful bloggers I appreciate very much!

i-will-no-longer-enable-our-misery-merchants1On Sunday, Robert Goldstein made me his Featured Blogger. He interviewed me with amazing questions. It was a joy to let myself flow into the answers. But Robert did more. I checked my quotes and picked the ones he thought would be perfectly fitting to what I was saying. What an effort in addition to the interview.



Only one day later Colleen of Silverthreading made me her guest on her monthly Tea Party. That day was also her birthday which made it all even more special.
I already felt honored that she wanted me to write a guest post. But she surprised me in adding a lot more. Colleen is an amazing supporter of other bloggers and authors. Thank you so much for all your effort you make for us all the time.

Thank you both from my heart! Blogger hug!


Just a thought


Recently there was a horrible earthquake in Ecuador. Our friend Lisa of Zeebra Designs and Destinations was part of it. The earth is still shaking from aftershocks. It is amazing how many friends immediately were with her and offered help. If you have the time and feel like it then head over to her blog and leave a “hug” on any of her latest posts. I am sure it would give her the strength she needs right now.


In Love and Light


In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


thank you for your kind words. i drove to quito today, – a two-hour drive – and there were three different police-escorted convoys on their way to the coast. each time i choked back tears as various trucks, cars and motorcycles passed. some had foreign banners…… it’s so beautiful to witness the way the world has set aside prejudice and comes to the aid of our fellow man (and woman)….

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Hi Lisa, I know what you mean. It is profoundly touching and moving to see how the world sticks together. Although on one hand mankind can be so cruel but when a catastrophe happens the world is there. I even have tears in my eyes writing this! I am so glad you are good!


Another busy week for you Sis, and a wonderful review. I am going to listen to Syl’s interview today as I missed it on Friday.
You said it all with that one sentence about the death of Prince.

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Thank you so much for reading, Sis! I know your weeks are busy too and I appreciate it even more! I am sure you will like Syl’s interview. He radiates even more peacefulness when he is talking as we are used from his poems. Enjoy your evening, Sis!

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Thanks Sis. I did catch up with Syl’s interview. I enjoyed listening to him talking, and reading some of his poems too. he seems such a gentle, kind man who is so supportive of everyone else too. 🙂

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Thank you very much, Irene! So many great people around here every day (including, my jewelry deliverer 😉) I love doing these reviews and have a little gathering with some friends that way. It is wonderful!.

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