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Ponder, ponder….. wasn’t there something about another special week? Hmm…. I guess I slowly remember what artist(s) I considered being up next for a whole week!

Time for Queen! What I love is the profound messages in so many of their songs – next to the sound and of course the unforgettable Freddie Mercury!

Although I posted some of their songs already one or another might show up again. But seriously, who would mind that? This time again, I might post more than one song per day because there are too many I love to share with you! But therefore, I skip the lyrics!

Let’s get it on!




In Love and Light

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I love Queen. My middle son couldn’t stand Queen when he was in high school, but whenever he’d hear one of their songs on the radio, it would stick with him for days, and he would go around humming or singing the song. Then he would stop singing and shout, “I hate Queen!” But he knew all the words to all the songs. LOL.

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LOL…. I can imagine his frustration when always caught by their songs unconsciously…haha! But perhaps that was the reason he couldn’t stand them… he liked them too much… they always found a way to him…. lol!

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