Focus On The Outcome!

There was barely a post which I wrote so highly inspired. On one side there is last week’s award post about the Room 101 Award and on the other side a lecture of the amazing Gregg Braden. Both happened on the same day and goes exactly into the same direction. It is meant to be that I write about it.

The rules of the Room 101 Award say that the nominee has to mention 5 things they want to banish into Room 101. In honor of the founder of any award I try to stick to the rules and started to ponder about those 5 things. I noticed that I couldn’t get into the flow. I did not feel inspired and felt like standing at a dead-end. But then I realized that the reason was that I tried to find something within me that I already had banished from my life successfully: Focusing on the negative!


I trained myself successfully to concentrate on what I want and not on what I don’t want. I have no inspiration for things I don’t want because they draw energy from me.
I don’t want war, hatred, or injustice but I want peace, compassion, and justice! There is a huge difference in what both sides do to me. The one makes me aggressive and weakens, the other one strengthens me and makes me feel and radiate the result.


There was a time in my life when I felt under pressure from all sides. At one point I understood that this could only happen because I let it happen. I was unhappy because I dwelled in unhappiness. I was pushed around because I let me be pushed around. I knew that I couldn’t change the people around me and I couldn’t hope for their goodwill to change themselves for my well-being. I realized that I had to change something in order to feel better and I started with observing my thoughts. I watched myself what I was thinking about myself, about my daily life, how I was dealing with unexpected happenings. I noticed that my thoughts matched the bad feelings I got or actually they caused them. After watching myself for only one day I started to change my thoughts deliberately.


It was hard work in the beginning because I started to turn around every negative thought into the opposite direction. I started to detach from the opinion of others about me and concentrated on what I felt about myself. I stopped caring whether others agreed with my opinion, my actions, the path I wanted to go – and I just went towards the direction that felt so much better to me. The developing liberation motivated me to hang in and keep that path up. I shifted my complete way of thinking from what I did not want to what I wanted. Believe it or not, my life changed dramatically within weeks.


My new perspective made me see so much more in my life and so many more beautiful things showed up. I saw all the open doors around me which I did not see before although they had always been there. My changed way to encounter people changed their way of coming towards me. I received so much more love and respect because I felt love and respect for myself and at the same time for others – even for those who treated me badly. I understood that like I was caught in my way of thinking so are they. It was not about me. What kept me imprisoned for so long was my own belief system which I created through the choice of my thoughts. But whatever I created once can be re-created.


I am still flabbergasted of what I heard in Gregg Braden’s lecture. Not because it is new to me, but because it isn’t. He confirmed 100% what I felt as an inner knowing. What amazed me the most is how he is able to prove this all even scientifically. We are in a constant creation process. We are creating through the vibration of our emotions, triggered by our belief which is fed by our thoughts. Our emotions are like a language that speaks without words but resonates and interacts silently with one another. Scientists found out in tests that emotions even change the DNA of our bodies and the DNA (physical appearance) changes matter, which means the world around us and whatever it contains. So whatever emotion we send out is a creative act. The choice of our thoughts is massively responsible for what we feel and therefore create through our radiation. We can control our emotions with the choice of our thoughts. That’s why we should focus only on what we want and not on what we don’t want. Because we radiate what we feel and as I mentioned above thinking about things we don’t want weakens and aligns with the energy of the unwanted.


You might say that thoughts are something that just happens – a reflex. But it is like programming a computer. Thinking a thought often enough becomes a pattern and keeping the pattern up becomes part of the belief system. When we can feed ourselves with negative beliefs we can feed ourselves with positive beliefs too. It is a choice we make!

I haven’t come so far because I focused only on the circumstances I didn’t like in my life. I have come so far because I refused to! I focused on the desired outcome, the opportunities, and variety of possibilities. I focused on who I wanted to be, on where I wanted to go, on what I wanted to have in life, and most of all on how I wanted to feel.


Does this mean that I am walking on sunshine all the time? Does that mean that I never have negative thoughts? Does that mean that I always think nicely about everything and everyone? Definitely not! I am still human too and can get boiling and unreasonable mad or at times dwell in self-pity. We all have bad thoughts, sometimes really bad thoughts. And that is ok because most lessons are lying in the way we think. The important part is that we are aware of the fact that when we want to feel good, we need to think good! When we want to have changes in life for the better then we must focus on the better. A different perspective causes a different perception. That brings new insights, which again lead to new perspectives.

If we want to have a change in life then we must change something about our look at life. Because we always find what we are looking for. Everything is there. It is up to us what we choose to look for. If you want peace then go for peace and be peaceful instead of demonstrating against war and becoming aggressive. That leads to what you don’t want again. As long as we are focusing on what we don’t want we are blind for all the open doors next to us and remain in the unwanted place. Dare to turn around and check out how it would be to think differently! Focus on opportunities! Believe in change! And then feel what it does to you instantly. You have nothing to lose but the big chance to win everything!

Don’t be against something – be for something!

In Love and Light


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


That is true! Actually the positive power creates more and faster than the negative power. Perhaps that is another reason why it weakens when we are creative negatively. Good thoughts, thank you! Have a lovely day too 😊

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Awh, you are so lovely! I really felt extremely excited and inspired to write it. Perhaps that’s also the reason why it turned out so long….lol! But it is such an important base of how life unfolds or at least feels for us. Thanks again 😘😘😘

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Thanks a lot for reading, Sylvester. You are so right, it starts within. What we are inside will show up outside since it is a mirror of the world we believe in. Thank you very much for you valuable comment!

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You really found a great way to live a free life Erika 😀
When I look around me, no matter where I go, I see the same pattern for many people, that they are scared for all new and feel more safe in their usual bad way of living. A positive view at life is so important to be able to see life’s opportunities and it demands some courage to follow this way. We have the risk to change and need to be willing to do so.

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It really is a paradox that we are more scared by the light than by the darkness. Although the darkness is killing us over time we rather stay in there because we know it instead of stepping into the light because we forgot about it. But once done… no one goes back anymore!

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The secrete is to align with the feeling of the outcome, seeing it as a matter of fact that it already happened and that it is not a question if but only when we see it.


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