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After 2 1/2 beautiful days it started raining yesterday in the afternoon. I really miss my California. Since my friend Vonita is currently traveling in my second home I share a song with you that makes me dream about the Golden State.Β 

It Never Rains In Southern California – Albert Hammond


Got on a board a west bound 747
Didn’t think before deciding what to do
All that talk of opportunities, TV breaks and movies
Rang true, sure rang true.

Seems it never rains in Southern California
Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California
But girl, don’t they warn ya
It pours man it pours.

Out of work, I’m out of my head
Out of self respect I’m out of bread
I’m under loved I’m under fed
I wanna go home

It never rains in California
But girl don’t they warn ya, it pours, man it pours.
Will you tell the folks back home I nearly made it
Had offers but don’t know which one to take
Please don’t tell them how you found me
Don’t tell them how you found me give me a break
Give me a break

Seems it never rains in Southern California
Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California
But girl, don’t they warn ya
It pours man it pours

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


70s, Song of the Day


I suck at geography + I was a kid. I do remember being pretty sure we were all going to die as our family vehicle ascended a very steep mountain with few guard rails. We drove through a tree because the trees were so large and ancient that they just made them a part of the road. Black Bears and Deer just “hung out” beside our cabin. Google search “Sequoia” and you’ll see what I mean!

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Tjat reminds me of the last scene of “Born to be wild” where the four arrive in Venice Beach/Santa Monica and drive on the beach trail with their bikes…. do you know that movie? It is with Tim Allen and other comedians.

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I saw the previews, laughed so hard! Was John Travolta in that or was that “Hogs” another funny movie about novice bikers! lol.

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Yes, I agree…. that doesn’t make sense at all… lol! That is funny. I thought it was more a problem of people whose mother tongue is not English. Until I focused more on understanding the lyrics I often understood them the wrong way.


The classic case is Purple Haze where it’s heard as ‘excuse me while I kiss this guy’, rather than ‘excuse me, while I kiss the sky’. I recently learned its called a mondegreen.

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LOL! What for others is a dry summer is already a catastrophy for Cali. Every time I was in California it rained once and then it really poured like crazy for hours!


Oh yeah, well part of it is that our sewer systems just really aren’t equipped for it and also, it when it rains here it tends to be very heavy, especially in winter months. Very difficult to drive!

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Yes, I know. I experienced some rain days. It truly poured heavily for hours and the wipers didn’t make it. Another dangerous thing about driving is that the dust that accumulated for weeks or months on the roads, becomes slippery together with the water.


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