Romantic Tuesday

Where I can be me…


I want to be a dandelion

Spread myself all over

I want to be a vivid dolphin

Explore the deep blue sea


I want to be a deep rooted tree

Solid, strong, and peaceful

I want to be a rock that knows

All about earth’s history


I want to be this all to see

And understand my being

That is a progressed form of all

A collection of life’s mystery


I am the victim and the murder

I am the saint and I’m the sinner

I am the ignorance of what

I deny dealing with sorely


I am the silence and the noise

I am the sunset and the rise

I am a child and an adult

I am the night and I’m the day


So much is held within my heart

I gave up hoping that one day

There might appear this special soul

That’s able to deal with me


But once I saw your open heart

I found a huge new world in which

I can be all I want to be

Where I can just be me


In Love and Light


Photo credit:
Alena Lazareva. Digital artist and illustrator. Fantasy art

Fantasy woman fairy and Paradise bird




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Author, Poetess, Singer, Mom, Life Explorer, Business Woman, Therapist Remember who you really are and conquer the world the way you always wanted!


You are right, although it is not intended. But being yourself always holds passion, doesn’t it? You are the first one who sensed that (or at least said it… lol) Thank you for your amazing comment, Holly!

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Thank you! Yes, your definitely very sensitive. I think the secret lies in simply letting the inner world flowing outside…. simply being who you are and flying free – as written in the poem!

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We definitely do deserve to feel free being who we feel we are and that one person who even loves us for that. I am glad you liked the poem, Ellen.
I post such a poem each Tuesday. If you like to you can go back to the previous Tuesdays. 2 and 3 weeks ago I added a recorded version of my poem to the post. So you can hear my voice. ☺

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I shall be going back in time through your work, as I like what I see.
You are brave, I am not sure any one would like to hear my dulcit tones. I would probably over record , press the wrong thing, get hiccups or burp, my prowess in things remotely technical let’s say. .. leaves room for growth. 😉

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Oh dear you said the ‘s’ word… I sing all day, I am known to remember hundreds of songs. Six years ago I went to a voice coach, because everyone who every has heard me sing either leaves, cries, beggs me to stop or shouts rude obscenities. The advert was promising (Never in twenty years have I not been able to improve a singing voice, or ypur money back.) A present for my husband I thought, one song sang by me without cringes , not much to ask, I had six months to learn and improve . Twenty minutes in and she clutched her head, advised an ear nose and throat speciallist and asked me to leave… saying”Some throats are just not made to sing. My Brother is a singer, guitarist and record producer in Australia, so there was always hope… I will definitely be back to listen and read but for the safety of your eardrums and sanity *sigh* I promise I won’t join in.

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Oh my God, you are hilarious, Ellen! Reading your comment made me laughing out loud! What an amazing humor you have. But that made me even more curious to hear you … lol! I can only say, there are no bad students but only bad teacher who are either not able to motivate the student or to find that entrance to bring out the best of them. Huge hugs to you, Ellen! 😃


She thought i had bad hearing possibly in one ear… therefore I will “NEVER” be able to replicate what I hear. She was absolutely adamant that it was best I buried my wish. The vicar asked me to leave the choir at ten, my music teacher removed me from the chorus of Jesus Christ superstar and had me prompting the words from the wings because I knew them all. I then learned the trumpet clarinet and Double Base. My children cried if they heard me sing, with fingers in ears they would with trembling lips whisper”please, no sing mummy”. But I love music and singing so I continue…Oh! My daughter got married last May… A sax player was in the church their was recorded music ( instrumental ) Some beautiful choral voices softly singing throughout,but not one for the congregation to sing! She kissed me gently as my heart was full of pride, rubbed my back and said ” We love you Mum, it was for the best” … * gulp*

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Outch, that sounds really hard. So you tried hard to go for that dream. I am glad you learned to play instruments instead. I learned to play the clarinet too. But the most important part is that everybody loves you… perhaps even a little bit more because of that “singing issue” which makes you special!

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We are so much and there is no greater blessing than to find the place where we are treasured for being all we are. I am glad you liked the poem, Sue! Thank you for reading and leaving such a lovely comment!😊

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