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For once I am posting the review on a Saturday again. I had a lot of appointments going yesterday.  Anyway, here it comes. I hope you like it!

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My post with the most views this week is: You Are Stronger Than Your Ego!




Last Sunday, Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Woman published my guest post Make Everyday A Valentine’s Day Thank you very much again for this opportunity and your wonderful support.




One of the most wonderful events this week was my blog sister’s birthday! Judy of Edwina’s Episodes turned 50 in an awesome way. She is funny, honest, ironic, and has a healthy attitude to herself and aging in general!




My lovely friend of April4June6 (I call her April) posted an amazing article related to Valentine’s Day.  She explained the duration or characteristic of relationships compared to restaurants and dishes. I was deeply impressed by the way she put the metaphors.




Trina of It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes does a lovely series called Lifestyle Links. She introduces a number of bloggers every Tuesday! I think this is a wonderful and very thoughtful of support. Please have a look at the bloggers she mentions.


Thank You


My special Thank you today goes to Colin of A Dog’s LifeColin is a valuable supporter when it comes to my English. I am doing my best but I know that there is a lot to improve. And of course, I want to learn and make things better. Colin is so nice and he always lets me know when I make mistakes. It is not about typos but real grammatical issues or prepositions. Thank you very much, Colin! I appreciate your attentiveness very much!



Mitch Teemley  for the Blogger Appreciation Award

But I Smile Anyway  for the Miranda Sings Award


New Blogs I Follow

 Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary


Just a thought

This is for all of you who are struggling with changes, who are hurting, who are in pain, who are standing at a crossroad, who are searching a way to move on, or who have to deal with the hidden thorns of past experiences. Time will pass and every day helps to gain something which makes you stronger or teaches you something to let go. But whatever you are going through at the moment, never forget that you are loved and not alone!



In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


Erika, I love your last quote. The more we get knocked down, the tougher we become. I was watching a documentary on Carole King last night. She encouraged folks to “try” saying don’t let you parents tell you no or talk yourself out of it. She said let the world tell you no or except you. I thought that was cool. Have a great weekend. Keith

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That is absolutely cool and reminds me of my quote of last Thursday. I like this kind of encouragement a lot! At last every one can only decide for themselves what they want/should/have to make out of their lives! Thank you, Keith! Have a nice weekend 🙂


Thank you so much, Lynn! I cannot repeat it often enough how much your opinion means to me. This week I saw/felt even more people facing difficult situations. Of course I had you in my mind too when looking for that quote! Big hugs, Lynn and have a lovely weekend! 💖

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Good morning, Lisa! And I absolutely enjoyed doing that post. When it gets a little less busy over here I would love to come back to your offer, dear friend.
I think, the rules are not even the problems, but rather the exceptions… lol! Anyway… still better to handle than German… not for me, but for someone who is learning it.

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You’re welcome, anytime! 🙂 You’re doing very well, just keep practicing. Feel free to ask me or others if you have questions. I have a hard time writing Spanish because of the accents. I grew up speaking both but writing it is a different story. Lol.

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That is true, writing and speaking is a difference. You know I learned French too (also business French). But after all the years I forgot so much. When I am praciticing with my youngest son I remember it all again. Very cool!

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Merci is the only French word I know. Lol. There’s different kinds of Spanish, kind of like English. The Spanish we speak here in the borderland is different from other parts of the world. The English they speak in England is a little different from here. They spell some words differently. Some words have different meanings. Language is very interesting.

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