Yay, Grocery Shopping!!!

Really? Today? I am already having a busy day ahead and they did it again! I just finished my weekly shopping tour and feel like quickly reposting an article from last year. 


What can I say: It has to be done. But today I experienced again what I really cannot stand about it. It is not about the drive (20 minutes to Austria), about the time you are spending waddling through the aisles, lining up at the different counters and at the cash desk. It is not even about the whole procedure at the cash desk. I enjoyed it in the US when everything is packed for you. But no, not over here. When I arrive with my overloaded shopping cart I have to unload it while on the other end the whole stuff is accumulating and waiting again for me to be packed in my bags. Yes, I am sweating, yes I don’t like to be talked at during that time, but I am used to it and I stay calm – even if the line behind me is growing. I don’t mind the border procedure in order to get my stamp on the tax return form. No, I don’t struggle with those things.

But!!! I am a very quick person and like to get things done. I have my list and everything is written exactly in the order I walk through the supermarket. And then….. they changed the places of the products!


Perhaps that sounds ridiculous but that is the only thing I can lose my inner peace during shopping. I am almost reaching out blindly for my stuff. I want to get some pepper and when I look at my hands I see noodles. I really hate to search around back and forth. The problem is they don’t only change one segment… no, when they do it then the turn everything around. I could see it positively and enjoy it like discovering a new shop. But you know what: NO, I don’t! Hope to get this new order into my system because I want to have my next shopping list done in my quick way again.

I apologize in advance for not being around a lot today. That’s why my review will be coming up tomorrow. Have a lovely Friday and….  enjoy your shopping tours!

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


Erika Kind


I feel your pain! My store just rearranged everything as well, and it’s beyond annoying. I make my list according to the aisles I have mapped out in my head. Produce first, then meat, etc,etc. Having to double back because the crackers are now where the soup should be is a real pain in the arse! I guess I should just be happy that I don’t have to make a 40 minute round trip and bag my own groceries. 😘

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Yep, that’s exactly the point, Kim! I make the list the same way and then can circle around because they rearranged the goods. Haha, glad you are at least closer and have support in packing! But as they say: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…. lol!!! Have nice Sunday, Kim!


Hi, it is very nice of you to stop by! I am very busy at the moment but would like to check out your blog a bit later. Just stay in touch. That keeps me reminded! I always love to support new bloggers. I know how wonderful it is to find into this really lovely community! Hugs 💖

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We have a store where you have to bring your own bags or buy them from the store, bag your own groceries, pay to use the shopping cart. Some stores change the aisles completely from time to time and it can be a pain in the butt.

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That sounds like the regular stores over here. Everybody brings their own bags and packs everything themselves! We don’t need to pay for the cart but in order get a cart you have to put a coin in it which you get back when you return the cart. Yes, sounds absolutely like the Central European system. Cool!

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