My Blog in 2015

Honestly, I often looked back at this year all year through. What I was able to say goodbye to and what all flooded my life during the passing months in beautiful ways was far beyond my expectation. I try to keep it at the highlights in order to not extend that post more than necessary.

Best of

Just some amazing stats:

My blog has been viewed 53’000 times by 10’936 people from 130 countries all together before this post was published.

I published 1334 posts.

This made my jaw drop since I only had around 4’800 views at the end of last year (after 8 months).

My top commentors are in this order:  Ritu (you were mentioned twice on my WP information, that’s why you are number one when I count it together), Syl, Rich, and Judy. What a surprise… lol… I love you guys!

For some reasons I got the most comments on this post: My Hair

The most views got my Home page, my About Me page, and my Daily Kind Quotes page.

The post which received the most views was My Symbol of Letting Go. This means a lot to me since it was the ending and also beginning of two important chapters not only for this year but for my life. The post which followed close in the number of views is Let’s Build A Chain of Love. This fact touches me a lot! I asked for taking each other by the hand in passing this message on. You did awesome guys. There were several pingbacks, mentions, and about 25 reblogs!

My most popular day was September 22 with 363 views which was just unbelievable for me…. but … it was a Tidbit Tuesday…. and that was the most popular post on that day: The Time Has Come

Guest Songs:

I started adding songs of other bloggers to my Guest Songs page. One that touched me most was Just Breathe by the wonderful Karen Folman. If you don’t know her song yet please take some minutes and listen to it. She is amazing!

In October and November I had the opportunity to meet some of my closer blogger friends in person:


Linda of Nutsrok who even invited me to stay with her. She cared for me like a mom and I was welcomed like a family member by everybody. I am still touched when I remember her words before we parted, that she has another daughter now.

Kruti of 10 Evening Flowers, my dear Indian/American sister. I know Kruti for about a year now and we became close friends right from the beginning. She really feels like a sister and when we met that was like embracing someone I finally met again.

Carolina of YesterdayAfterMarissa of Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth, and Corinne of Reflections Of The Heart. We all had so much fun when we met at Starbucks and Carolina gifted us all with her self-made jewelry. I treasure my bracelet so much!

I wrote about all the meetings and our adventures in my post A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessing.

My blog developed:


This year I started 3 new series I keep up frequently:  Song of the Day, Romantic Tuesday (former Tidbit Tuesday), Weekly Review

Two Online Life Radio Interviews:


Kimberly Rinaldi invited me twice to her Live Radio Show Lessons In Joyful Living. That means 2 x 1 hour which was amazing. Kimberly is a fantastic host and I feel blessed that she asked me to come back again. You can listen to my interviews here.

Oh, I almost forgot! Talking about Best ofs: Remember that Facebook test my blog Sister, Ritu, shared?  Click here if you want to know which is the best part of my body!

Fantastic jewelry artists in the community:

I know there are many more for sure. But I feel blessed that I got in touch with two great ones: Carolina of YesterdayAfter (please see her creations here) and Irene of IreneDesign. I am blessed to have pieces of both of them. You can see Carolina’s right below and this one is from Irene:20151214_114654

Thank You

To our Success Inspirer: Romanus asked me for doing an interview with me and I happily agreed. He created wonderful questions and it was a pleasure to answer them. Please read about this interview here.


For the beautiful necklace you made for me, Carolina. Thank you also for featuring me as the second blogger on your blog: And Featured Is…


For this amazing post my blog brother, Rich, created while I was in Sweden: Erika’s Trip To Sweden – The Truth


A huge Thank You for each single one of my 995 amazing followers on WordPress! I had never expect to gather so many wonderful people around me. Thank you for all the support, trust, loyalty, and loving connection with so many of you. I would love to list each one of you but I will name at least some of you: Kristin, Judy, Linda, Kris, Beth, Carolina, Marissa, Lynn, Colleen, Van, Zee, Colin, Nicodemas, Vonita, Irene, Olga, Kritika, Nimmi, Vasantha, Dorinda, Simon, Holly, Robert, Hugh, Trini, Amanda, Sandra, Prajakta, Rita, Keith, Lisa, Krista, Lis, Mihran, Izza, Amy, Karen …. (no particular order) and many, many more.


2 special thanks go to my Hippie blog siblings Rich and Ritu. You know what you both mean to me. I will never take it for granted and will repeat it again and again how thankful I am for what you did to me. Thank you for the fun we have on a daily base. Thank you for making me part of your life and for you being part of my life. Somewhere I commented that family is not necessarily a connection of flesh and blood but of the heart. You two have a lifelong residence in my heart.

Hands releasing a butterfly

1 special thank you goes to Syl. With your two poems Maze Of Thoughts  and A New Door Will Open For You you helped me to get through a difficult time. That enabled me to finally let go after months of inner turmoil. I finally got to the point where I wrote  My Symbol Of Letting Go which I mentioned above. It was a milestone within this year in particular and in my life in general.


This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers. 11804141166_1e46d4d972_z_kindlephoto-121223017

I won’t start to list the countless awards I received by all of you wonderful peeps. I just thank you so much for this honor and signs of appreciation. But what I want to mention especially is that two times I was nominated in the first round of nominees for brand new awards: The Starlight Blogger Award created by YesterdayAfter and the Beacon Blogger Award created by Routine Matters. What honored me most is the fact that Kris created this award because of me and I was his only nominee! This was his award post.

There were also so many, many beautiful challenges I was invited to, like the quote or story challenges, the writer challenges, the “E” challenge, the Love&Hate challenge, and many more. I just want to mention one challenge which I think is a very meaningful and which went so well along with the purpose of my blog: The 24 Days Of Grateful.

New Blogs I Follow

These are the blogs I started following in December.

Zeebra Designs & Destinations

Hugh’s Views & News

On A Personal Note

Please don’t mind that I cannot follow each and every blog I am asked for and that I cannot follow back everyone. It is not that I am not interested or that I don’t like what you share. It is simply a matter of time because I make it an effort to read every post a blogger I follow publishes. I apologize that I am not able anymore to even do that.

My friend, Kritika of From The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen suggested to create a calendar with my quotes. I won’t do that for now but she inspired me to make a little book from some of my quotes. If there is a quote you like most, which spoke to you most, or which even helped you at a certain point in your life then please let me know! I think of 30 to 50 quotes I would like to put into that book.

Just a thought


This year was filled with sadness, tragedies, catastrophes, war, and an endless stream of refugees. But there was also compassion, helping hands, healing words, support, love, comfort, joyful moments, heart melting episodes, tears of happiness, and another big step towards peace.  The news show so much more of the dark side because it sells better. We must never forget that the light side is there too. Always! And in the end it is the light side we need to see in order to span it further around the globe. We need to look out for every switch to turn more and more lights on. For the coming year let’s look out for the light and hang in where Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Lady Diana, Kathreen Hepburn, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela, and many, many more started.

When we want love in this world we need to spread love. When we want to spread love, we need to be love! We can only switch the light on when we use that switch. We all have it within us. Let’s switch the light on within us and lighten up this world wherever we are. Let’s become one light place, one light country, one light continent, one world of light – more and more! It is possible!

(For some reason the &%ç*&+ link doesn’t turn into the &%ç*&+ video. I stopped trying it…. because my anger barometer is rising…. High Five Ritu Sis….LOL!!!)


In Love and Light

About the Author

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


I thought for sure I commented on this, but looking through your comments I see I did not! Shame on me! To say you’ve been a bright light in my world this past year would be an understatement. Thank you, for all your thoughtful words and encouragement! I look forward to a long friendship, full of poetry (especially tidbit Tuesday, aka Romantic Tuesday) and laughter!! ❤

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Oh my, that is so touching what you just wrote! Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words, Dorinda. I enjoy your beautiful poems and your always so stunning pictures so very much. I am too looking forward to many more posts, fun, poems, romantic to come and to share with you! Thank you for being such a loyal friend! 💖

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It started when I posted more and most of all when I interacted more. Although I did it because I simply loved it and wanted to show others my appreciation it had this “side effect”. Followers are dropping in daily… amazing!

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fantastic achievements bravo 😛 <3. I love that wordpress collates that little summary of our year – its a lovely way to end the year seeing the achievement we have made. I like you struggle to follow new people, I unfortunately don't get time to read everything everyone I follow writes, but I do try to read the majority, and I try to make up for it by sharing lots of things they write in lots of places. Its the best I can do. I wish you every success with this year, I hope it is filled with happiness and love. AND I hope to meet you at the bash. 🙂 ❤

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Erika. Wow it’s been an incredible journey made all the brighter by your presence. You have been a rock and a proper big Sis through 2015. I can’t find the words. Love you Sis❤


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