24 Days of Grateful and Grateful Blogger Award

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

Yesterday Sandra of A Momma’s View nominated me for a new award. Gratitude is such an important attitude and  powerful tool to activate our creative power for directing our lives into a positive direction. I could not be more grateful and happy to be gifted with this award – most of all by a wonderful person like Sandra! Thank you so very much. Please check her blog out and you will see how much of love, wisdom, inspiration, and motivation she spreads!

I though it would be a great opportunity to combine the challenge with this award nomination since it could be fitting any better!

I am thankful for The Grateful Blogger Award gotten from a friend I am most grateful for


To the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, including link to their blog
  • List at least 5 things (more is better) that you are thankful for
  • Nominate at least 5 bloggers (more is better) who you are thankful for – check they are willing to accept this award
  • Optional: Display the Grateful Blogger Award badge in your award acceptance post
  1. For me! Because if I wasn’t there is nothing for me to be grateful for. Only because of my existence I can experience and explore life in all its facets – whether in a physical body or not.
  2. For the agreement God and I made in order to come down here for a while and enjoy – yes enjoy – this life together with you all. Looking back I have understood that everything that ever happened was necessary to evolve and get prepared for new goals, new destinations, new beautiful journeys, and encountering the most wonderful people.
  3. For my family! From my kids I learned to discover life again and they bring me down to earth whenever I am about to fly too high. I am thankful for seeing them growing and developing to wonderful adults. I am grateful that I can talk and have fun with them in such joyful ways. I am thankful to see God’s wonder evolving in front of my eyes
  4. For the power of nature! Years ago I had never thought how energizing nature is. Only observing a bee for a while, watching it while following its purpose is aligning. Sitting in a forest and just absorbing the energy of all that is around comforted, strengthened, and encouraged me in times I was on my knees. Sitting at the ocean, inhaling the whole atmosphere, getting carried away with the sound of the waves, feeling the sun and the wind on my skin is most inspiring and led me to deep insights.
  5. For understanding and applying the value and creative power of Gratitude!

My nominees are a small circle of friends who helped me when I was in a dark place this year and those who are inspiring me day by day. One of them for sure is Sandra and I would have nominated her if not she had nominated me before. Thank you Sandra!

But I Smile Anyway Ritu, my wonderful amazing blog sister with a heart of gold.

Waffle Me This  Rich, my kind-hearted and as-crazy-as-I-am blog brother from the other side of the road.

SYL 65’s Blog Sylvester, you know how much you helped me with your ability to look beyond the surface.

Souldier Girl Kristin, I thank youf or your open heart and your trust you have gifted me with since we are connected.

Nutsrok Linda, I thank you so much for your friendship and hospitality.

Yesterday After Carolina, your generosity and your sunny spirit is incomparable.

10 Evening Flowers Kruti, hugging you in person was a dream come true for sure. You truly feel like a little sister.

Marissa, I know you don’t accept awards  but I have to mention you here too!

I am thankful for each one of you I am connected with. Thank you for the smiles, the impulses, the inspiraion, the fun, and joy you share. I thank you for everything you do and give every day here or wherever in this world!

On  different note: I am having a very busy day today and I apologize in advance that I might barely be able to get to your blogs! I will try my best!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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Thank you, Sandra! I enjoyed that a lot. That award was very meaningful to me.
I don’t think that can ever happen to me anymore to forget to smell the flowers along the way. That is why I try to step back early enough 😘😊💖

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