God did not mean to solve our problems…

… but to guide us in solving them ourselves.

The only thing we need is FAITH

During a conversation with Amy of Petals Unfolding I mentioned the title in a comment. This inspired me to this post.

How often are we raising our hands and crying to God for help? But what do we do next? Are we waiting that God waves His magic wand and fix everything just like a Genius “your wish is my demand”? Do we really think we realize the whole picture of the situation in which we might only play a tiny role? Or even the situation might be part of a much bigger plan. Now if things do not change or dissolve as we desire we get the idea that God left us alone and is not interested in us. That is such a big misunderstanding.


To see this a little clearer we need to know why we are here (in a nutshell):

  • Our purpose here on earth is discovering, exploring, and evolving. We have come here with certain skills and visions in our hearts that we want to make out of our life. In order to reach those goals we need to learn ways how to get there. Therefore we have to learn lessons and pass tests. Another result of the insights we gain are remembering the powerful creative being we are – which is another purpose of our life. Now depending on our awareness of our being those lessons are not the tenderest ones. But right those make us develop the greatest progress in our lives.
  • This is not our real life. This is an episode within our real life in which we enter a human body in order to make a human experience. Our true being is spirit – immortal and limitless, part of the almighty, with divinity as our core. We are made of the same energy as God Himself.
  • There is also our life’s plan. We came here with a list of insights we ourselves wished to experience, tasks wanted to achieve, and feelings we wanted to feel. We wanted to experience so many things we cannot without a physical body.

But back to the topic:

The Universe (God) is not meant to solve our problems but to guide us in solving them ourselves.Β  We are supported by the universal laws of cause and effect, the Law of Attraction,… This way we learn how to use the power of our thoughts combined with the power and wisdom of our spiritual being. That way we gain the necessary experience which we need for our development. But when we are not aware of this fact, we are blind to any signposts, for any helping hand, for any opening door. We are experiencing a lack of abundance and cursing God for our own ignorance.

We are provided everything we need but we have to be open to it in order to see it. And therefore we have to have faith!Β Then we only need to take it and go with it. It would be so easy. Just have faith and everything will come your way. Hmmm… if there wasn’t our mind and its favorite creation: Fear! Fear of failure, of getting lost, or of losing what we don’t even have yet.

Stop fearing – start living!

There is nothing to fear about it. Fear is not real. Fear is a thought that weakens and limits. Fear keeps us from seeing the signposts, and from taking God’s hand. Fear is believing in an undesired outcome. Fear keeps us from living!

Everything that’s new is unknown because we have no experience with it. But only because of that doesn’t mean it is too risky or won’t work out at all. It can be even riskier not to take a chance and things that work out now can fall apart. We never know! We never can compare it anyway (here we are again with the subject of problems with making decisions). But even if we don’t even have a choice and be pushed by life in a certain direction, there is no reason to fear anything.

Life simply happens and new situations come our way.  We often don’t understand why happened what happened. But whatever happened nothing changes because we fall in desperation, blame God, or anyone. The only thing we can do is standing up, dusting off, facing the situation, holding the head up high, and walking through the storm. When you hold your head up high, you see more. You see the helping hands, you see the lamplight, you see the shelters. Only then you see, that so often that new path is a lot shorter and smoother than you thought, because you were so busy looking back.

Fear limits, weakens, frightens, blocks, frustrates, depresses, isolates, sickens

Faith empowers, sharpens the senses, inspires,  lets love take over, strengthens, brings success, leads to higher awareness, aligns with the divine core

Have faith, take the chance, make first steps towards the fulfilling of your dreams. Face the challenge! Know that everything that comes your way is meant to make you stronger. It is meant to develop what already lies within you dormant, waiting for the moment to blossom. Have faith look up and you will see the signs to guide you, to support you, to strengthen you!

You have the power! You have the access! You have the tools! You are permanently connected with the almighty power.  Allow it into your life. Allow yourself the access. Open up and a universe of endless possibilities opens up for you!

It never hurts to have faith but it always brings pain to support fear. God will always be there guiding you ….. but you need to follow! You need to walk the path! You need to make the decision to do it! Do it because you can!

Have Faith and see, grow, succeed, arrive, unfold!

Have Faith and become limitless!

Have Faith and experience what living really means!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Don’t ever worry! I know that dilemma too well. Unfortunately I don’t get to every post of everyone either. Just a matter of time… But in we will stay connected in any way 😊

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Sorry for the delayed response yesterday was hectic with me just seeing my Mom for the first time in ten years..! Yes I will definitely take my time and be patient… I start a new job today anyways at the pizza place… Yay..!

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Oh Joe, don’t ever worry about responding. I know how stressful that can become… lol! That is awesome that you saw your mom again. I am sure it was a wonderful time for both of you. Hey, so cool! Pizza place sounds great! I am sure you will share your experience with us! Good luck for your first day!


Erika, I love the message here, especially embodied in the quotes. I have said this before, but often we pray for a miracle, when God has given us the tools to perform what is needed. The human brain is a miracle and per King Solomon’s translation of God’s instruction, we honor Him when we use it.

I have two very devout friends, one who worked with a sister company of mine, the other for a client of both of our companies. They were praying over a contract conflict that was at an impasse in both of their legal areas. The client’s boss and another good friend asked if I could help. It turns out each had the power in their own hands as each was ceding business decisions to the attorneys, who only took them on as each friend did not realize they had the power to resolve the issues. Which they eventually did.

To your point, we sometimes fail to act on something, when God has given us license and the brain to do so. Sorry for the long answer, Keith

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Never ever apologize for a long answer. I feel honored that you take your time for this! Yes, that is the problem or even the misunderstanding. Sometimes we simply don’t realize that it was on us to act. I love what you said about using the human brain for showing God our gratitude! That makes me smile!!!

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You reminded me of an old joke. A man prayed to God to win the lottery. He prayed for many months and after nothing happened, he said “Lord why have you forsaken me and not heeded my prayers?”

The clouds parted and a deep voice said, “It would help if you bought a ticket.”

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That reminds me of the St. Francis Prayer (I did a post regarding this some weeks ago) “It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life” Which does not mean the death of physical life but of the ego and the awakening of awareness.

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