The Wakawafu Award

My most amazing lil Luna Sister, Ritu of But I Smile Anyway, nominated me for this very special award. Why special?

  1. Because it is the first time I receive this award.
  2. Second because I had no idea about this award.
  3. Third because the meaning is exactly what the connection of our community is about: Appreciation, recognition, and support!

This and also the circle in which I was nominated honors me profoundly. But this is Ritu! Such a compassionate, supportive, and loving spirit. I am happy you call me your sister, sister! 😘

Now an explanations what this award is about:
This is quoted directly from the award creator, Wakawafu…

“The idea behind this award is to motivate other fellow bloggers and to act as a token of appreciation – just as we ourselves felt motivated and really felt good about what we do. It is a small gesture that we hope goes a long way. One other thing we will be doing however, when the award is awarded, we will be posting a link to the nominated blog on our own website, so that people can actually find these blogs. I feel that there are so many awesome people to chat with who are blogging too and it can be hard to find people easily, so I hope through this people who want to find new bloggers can do so more easily – just comment on the Wakuwafu award page when you receive it and we will put up a link to your blog. The rules of the blog won’t be too long, but they will let you get to know one another more!”

Isn’t it amazing? Everybody needs to be recognized for their work on this blog sphere. Every post is a piece of the person behind. We all give here freely and openly. I am very grateful to be touched by others in their own unique and personal way.

Here are the rules:

* Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link to their blog. ✔
* Choose any 3 things you would like to say about yourself to your fellow bloggers. ✔
* Answer the 3 questions set by your nominator.✔
* Think up 3 questions you would like to ask the people you nominate. ✔
* Give one piece of advice to your fellow bloggers. ✔

My 3 things about me:

  1.  I have to repeat that I am thankful every day I enter this community, read how many comments or replies are welcoming me, read inspiring, thought-provoking, funny, chilling pieces my friends shared. I am thankful for being a part of this blog family. The love and support I experienced here is beneath anything I ever experienced before. It made it easy for me to grow into this unknown territory of blogging.
  2. I started blogging as part of the marketing campaign for my book. The insights I had by then did not change but  got confirmed in many ways. What I learned here through sharing thoughts and feelings, through interacting and personal communication, through the friends I made here is priceless and it gets reflected in everything I write.
  3. Whatever happened in my life, even in my darkest hours there has always been this spark within that made me standup and never give in. Although I wasn’t in any spiritual teachings when I was a teenager even back then I was looking for the positive in everything in order to strengthen myself. And I always found something that motivated me and gave me insights how to get out of the cloud, the stress, the pressure.

Ritu’s questions:

  1. What do you prefer to write? Fiction or poetry? Basically I am not a fiction writer although I wrote a romance which on the other hand is mixed with nonfiction elements. I love to write about life and beneath. That might sound like fiction for one but is completely nonfiction for me. I love to write poetry too. But what is poetry? Poetry is the expression of the inner unique world of an individual to the outside world. Fiction or nonfiction? Non-fiction, because it is real to the one who expresses it…
  2. Family or Friends? My kids will always come first! That is for sure! But then… My best friend feels closer to me than some family members and some family members feel like real friends. I simply don’t differ. It’s all people in my life. I never thought about it.
  3. What place do pets have in your life? I love animals. The older I get the more I love them. For 31 years I have a turtle which we found on the street in front of my parent’s house. Then we have two guinea pigs. It is already the second generation. The first one I rescued took over from my daughter… now I have them… I did not want pets because I love to come and go – most of all since the kids are bigger. I won’t get any more pets. But I love animals and I love to connect with them.

My advice to bloggers…

I don’t know if I am the right person to give an advice to other bloggers since I still feel like a newbie. But what I can really suggest is: Stay in communication! What I learned is that the magic of blogging is not in posting only but what unfolds from the posts. Leave a comment on a post you like. Tell them what you liked and show them your appreciation. I made my many wonderful friends only through interacting. And I don’t want to miss one of them.

My nominees:

Since my siblings’ circle was already nominated by Ritu I choose some bloggers I am connected with for a very long time already. Thank you for your presence, friendship, trust, and support:

10 Evening Flowers

From The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen

Inside The Life Of Moi

Life Confusions


Souldier Girl

Soul Mate’s – So Near, Yet So Far

Syl 65’s Blog

My questions to you:

  1. What is your goal of blogging today?
  2. What do you love most about blogging?
  3. What is your inspiration for your posts?

One more heartfelt thank you, to my wonderful blog sis, Ritu! Please don’t miss to check her blog out!!!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.




Awwh Erika, I feel so honored that you thought of me for this special award, I’m sliming all ears right now !!! ^_^ ❤ 🙂

And wow the name for it is a mouthful, sounds like a name taken somewhere from "Charly and The Chocolate Factory" movie, Hehe, Love it!! 😀

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Sorry, for the late response! Hope you had a nice dose of Costa Coffee to get your engines started… haha! I am very good, thank you. Just a lot to do because we are on vacation from tomorrow on. But all under control …. I am organzized…lol

Liked by 1 person

I am back in bed Erika just trying to relax for a couple of hours. To catch up ready for tonight. Do you have room in your suitcase to smuggle me along.☺

Liked by 1 person

Ok, I will throw out my trainers, my high heels, my rubber duck, my laptop… wait no, not my laptop… let’s see if you fit in! But you need to come down here. We don’t fly over England!

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