Weekly Review

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. Please join me in my little review 😊

Best of

This Tuesday I was notified by WordPress that there was lots of traffic on my blog. I took a look at the stats and was almost blown away. I know that some of you might only nicely smile at that. But I had 358 views on that day which is the absolute record since I started blogging last year in May.

The most views got this post: Be Authentic – Be You – Be Love That post too scored a record on views. Thank you all!

Now there is something that really needs to be listed under any “Best Ofs”. Ritu, my loony Luna Hippie Blog Sister, of But I Smile Anyway published the first 6 chapters of a wonderful novel Wedded Stress.Β img_1324 This story is an amazingly written romance about the tricks of love combined with Indian traditions: romantic, thrilling, heartbreaking, educative,… Please visit Ritu and check her story out. It is AMAZING!!!

Thank You

This week again we all witnessed the loving spirit of the community of compassion and loyalty. On SundayΒ  we were all shocked about the goodbye post of a beautiful and lovely woman. So many reblogged her post and left a message. Thank God after some hours Tabetha posted the relieving words that she changed her mind and that she is well. Although she made that decision independently – which shows how strong she is –Β  the love she received immediately from the community was amazing. We truly are one big family. I couldn’t be any happier and thankful to be part of it and for every one of you.

Another big, big, big thank you goes to my lovely,Β  Jammy Dodgers eating, Dexter loving buddy, Amazing Amanda!about-page-1Amanda is one of the most lovable, humorous, creative friends I made here on WordPress. We are following each other for more than a year and I couldn’t imagine WordPress without her. On Wednesday Amanda posted Ask Me Anything: A Vlog. If anyone of you did not watch her video yet then stop reading this and head just over! She answered all the questions she was asked by fellow bloggers in her incomparable Amanda way. My thank you goes to her for mentioning my book I’m Free as her favorite book. She did it in a way that touched me a lot. As I said it to her: It is not about the mention itself but most of all who mentions it. “Thank you, Amanda, for your wonderful friendship. I am happy the book was of support for you.”

New Blogs I Follow

Success Inspirer

Waiting For Love 815


Just a thought

If love is the answer – who cares about the question?

When love speaks then the reason for any pain ceases to be.

When love speaks there are no misunderstandings.

When love speaks weakness turns into power.

When love speaks darkness turns into light.

When love speaks desperation turns into zest for life.

When love speaks the lonely heart starts glowing.

When love speaks the broken wing has time to heal because another one takes over.

When love speaks the heart opens up because there is no reason to be scared anymore.

If love is the answer – who cares about the question?

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


People love to read what you write and share. You have a wonderful way of connecting with people. You are real. And in this world that is getting harder and harder to find sometimes.
Although I am finding it more and more in the blogging world.
I am watching the SUNSHINE come up after all the rain last night. It is a beautiful morning here in Florida. It’s still not below 70 as yet and of course the humidity is HIGH. But Fall is creeping up on us finally.

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Thank you so much, for your lovela and heartfelt words, Sarah! I appreciate you a lot. I hope you know that. It is a world of its own here. A world where we find relief, strength, encouragement, and much more. I hope you can enjoy a lot of sunshine today and in general during the next days. Bigh hugs, Sarah 😊

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A little SUNSHINE this morning. Yard was flooded from the 3.4 inches of rain. Walked a bit. Took a few photos.
Been cloudy and looking like rain since 3PM.
Danny came home from work . We had our drinks and snacks, He went to take a nap. That was almost 3 hours ago.
Today was is 8Th day. One more to go then off Monday, Hopefully Tuesday.
We are down 3 park rangers.
I still can’t cover for them.
Except for the Ranger Station if needed.
It is small. Everything is CLOSE.

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A lot of it is due to poor MANAGEMENT . We have workers who don’t pull their weight.
Danny is really tired of being about the only one to give more than his fair share. He’s been a “Mite”Grumpy at work. I got emails all day about it.
He is just fed up, exhausted and burned out.
He really loves being a PARK RANGER. He is doing that and everything else.
For the same pay.
He enjoys it most of it. It’s just he is the only one who is taking care of gulf carts and ATV’S ETC, We have a lot of them. Plus he has his work truck , my work truck (nothing needed there since I haven’t used it much. ) The Mule here.
Lawn Mowers Tractors
One other guy does a little .
It’s bad right now.
Tensions aren’t good.
It will be ok….

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They are HAVING TO DEAL with it now. BIG TIME from the Tallahassee AND THE STATE. It’s going to take a lot of work on MANAGEMENT.
It all begins with them. They have to do their jobs. No one can do it for them.
Danny needs a week off at least and there is no relief in site.
When I feel better…SOON…And it COOL off – I’ll be able to at least relieve them in the Ranger Station.
Nothing Physical there.

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Thank you so very much for your very nice words. Sometimes I cannot believe it. I just love posting what I post and I do it with all my heart. I couldn’t be any happier that I may share this with so many wonderful people. Yes, it seems like it simply happens naturally, which amazes me totally. I had never expected this but it is a dream come true. Thank you, Carisa. I am really happy to have you here πŸ’–


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