10 Funny Places For a First Date

I asked our Mr Poetry himself, Syl of Syl65’s Blog, if he would like to do a collaboration post together with me. I am very happy he agreed. We did some brain storming and the idea of 10 funny places for a first date was born.

We all want to impress our new crush and being suggestive of us. Maybe the idea shows up to get him or her hooked with an extraordinary place for a first date. But sometimes  going to see a movie would do a better job – depending on the choice of the movie:

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lass-ihn-nicht-allein-poster(whatever you read into that title…)

Why not … if both share the same weirdness…

But now let’s get started with our 10 funny places for a first date:

10 Yeah, let’s clean the barn together, woohoo that’s fun and sooooo romantic! And you don’t need to care about a deodorant.606334

9 The office party: Come on, honey, I introduce you to all your competitors!32wt169xmasparty0_2765241b

8 What you see is what you get!06boxtraining10

7 Him: “But honey, I thought it would be nice to go out for dinner!”Owner Dennis Blake, has worked at Tail o' the Pup hot dog stand since 1976 with his father, Eddie Blake, (not pictured). The landmark and classic Tail o' the Pup may close because of development in the upscale area of West Hollywood where it has been for years. It has appeared in numerous movies and advertisements. Photo taken Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005.

6 Her: “Aren’t they so cute?” Him: “Zzzzzzzz”dog show

5 “Nobody is disturbing us here, nobody…..!”frankenstein

4 Him: “Isn’t that fun? Look, how they are crashing, Jane……. Jane???”          mtruck1

3 “Only you and I… come on, have a seat and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.”9717479119_23643e7052_b_d

2 Literally on cloud number 9. Hopefully they “pull the cord” early enough!Sky-Diving

1 Her: “Our love takes us to the stratosphere.” Him: “Breathtaking!”index


It was a great idea of Rob and Carisa to do a cooperation post and it was a lot of fun doing this post together with Syl. Now what about you? Ask a blogger of your desire you think would be fun to do a post with and get to work! Wouldn’t that be an interesting new experience of blogging?

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Hahah! I’m terrified of the dark! I run past the room after switching off the lights at night so that I don’t get killed – Don’t ask. So you can imagine how my date would go in a haunted setting or the graveyard..

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6, 3 and 2 work for me! I like the cemetery scene from “A walk to Remember” and I have this to-do list where one of them is to leave flowers for someone who was a stranger. I don’t know. Call me weird 😀

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To be honest, the cemetary scene has something endless and truly romantic. I don’t think it is too weird and I love your thoughts about it! What? You would parachute? My respect, Prajakta!


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