We Are The Seeds Of Love

The song I posted last Wednesday as my Song of the Day inspired me to this post. It made me think of the need for tolerance, acceptance, of compassion, respect, and empathy.  When I prepared that post I did not expect the wonderful developments here in Europe.

Yes, there are a lot of tragedies going on in this world. But it is of no use to listen to the news, sigh deeply because it makes us sad, but then turn off the radio and move on like before. Of course, we cannot just leave this world behind. And we mustn’t! We have our life going on here with obligations and responsibilities. But also right here in front of our eyes, our support is needed, too. Mothers and fathers are struggling to meet the daily needs of their children, the humiliation of people from other cultures or of different races, and mental abuse happen, there are so many homeless, and some of our folks are suffering from diseases. Now we need this tolerance, acceptance, compassion, respect, and empathy I was talking about above. There is no necessity to save the world but simply to be open-minded, in order to see when an act of kindness is required. For example:

  • Offer your neighbor an ear when you think something is wrong.
  • Surprise someone who lives alone or is going through a hard time with some brownies.
  • Give a homeless person the feeling to be seen. Look at them, talk to them, ask them how they got there. If you feel like it, buy them a meal, or a new blanket.
  • If there is a kid in your neighborhood that comes from a humble background perhaps there is a possibility for a sleepover and having fun with your kids. It gives that child that important message that it is one of us, that it is worthwhile, that it is precious regardless of the outer circumstances. It supports the self-confidence that a child needs to believe in himself and in his power.
  • But no matter if you can or want to do anything like that, please SMILE. Give everyone you encounter a heartfelt smile. A smile at the right time can save lives and gives the encouragement that person might need just then and there. A smile never hurts. It makes you feel good and even fantastic when the smile is returned.

This all says: You are not forgotten, you are seen, and you are not alone!

I already wrote that in my song post last week but I repeat it again:  Simply sow seeds of love. The wonderful thing about it is, that those seeds come from you. Which means that this love is growing within you in the first place. This love has always been there. It is your place of power that can never get lost. Filling yourself with love in order to pass it on, strengthens, energizes, and nurtures your creativity. But most of all it makes you shine from within. Even when you yourself are surrounded by a dark cloud, you are lifting yourself above that cloud when you are activating this love. You are shifting the energy from the negative to the positive, from weakness to strength, from frustration to confidence, from resignation to resoluteness. You become a rock for yourself and for the people around you. And nothing seems impossible anymore to overcome.

As Wayne Dyer said: You can’t give away what you don’t have. If we want peace on earth, happiness, and love around us, we must radiate it in the first place. Also, the persons who have given love to you needed to develop it first within themselves. There is no other way! Imagine if everybody did it. I believe that this way we can change the world, we can cease all wars and everybody can be fearlessly who they are. But most of all people are treated with respect and kindness.

I repeat Gandhi’s quote which is the subtitle of this blog: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Much Love and Light to all of you.

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Erika, great post. I would add, we need to be civil to one another. We have a politician here in the states, who said the biggest problem in the world is political correctness. This has given him license to unfairly and inappropriately demonize groups of people which feeds off the worst in people. He does not represent the kind of person or leader we need and is dead wrong on this issue. If we are more civil, we will have more understanding, conversation and collaboration. I hope many see your words and share them, live them. Thanks for letting me get on a soap box. Keith

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Hey, Keith, thank you. Such adds are always very appreciated. Whatever supports the matter. You know I have no idea about politics. So you are very welcome and I thank you! 😀


This is such an inspiring post, Erika. Some many relevant points you make, but at the end of the day, it is simple – we can all help! We don’t have to feel helpless in such times of need, because we can all do a little bit more, even if it seems very small on the grand scale of things – it is, after all, the small acts of compassion that add to make the world a better place.

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Yes, that is exactly it, those little acts of compassion and kindness. We don’t need to feel helpless and watching the world go down. We all can do something in our own little world. Thank you, for your always so appreciated words, Amanda. I raise my cup of tea for you 🙂

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*cheers* my dear! You are such a sweet-hearted lady. If only more were like you! The world would certainly be a better place.

And as for kindness and compassion – I think we should all do at least one kind thing every day. I like the list you made. I’ll be doing some of those things. 🙂

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You are a sweetheart, Amanda. I have my quirks and issues… lol… But yes, it makes me happy when I see people smile. It is my dream to work a little more on the front. I hope I can do that when all the kids are old enough. I don’t want to only talk, I really wanna act! By then I try my best in my own little world 🙂 I am sure you already do a lot. If everybody just does something within their possibilities we are having something closer to heaven here on earth.

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This is so beautiful and so relevant given the situation in Europe now. At the end of the day, people need attention, they need care and they need to know that some others are willing to lend them a ear or help them along. Loved this Erika dear

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Yes, when I prepared the post I did not know what all would happen over those following days. I already prepared another post which will be coming up in 2 hours. I am overwhelmed by what happened. This planet is full of love and we see it so clearly because it appears out of the darkeness! Thank you for your wonderful comment, Nimi!<3

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