I am from Austria – and I am damn proud of it!

Not 13’000 but 25’000 refugees entered Austria on the weekend. A wave of helpfulness, solidarity, and humanity washed over the country. All organisations and institutions worked together hand in hand. Trains were provided to insure the further safe transportation. The people were supplied with all the things they needed. 151.031


Some helpers were tagged that they speak Persian in order to translate. That again made clear that we need people from other countries here to help out when our own knowledge is at a limit. How many Austrians would learn Persian??? We need each other!


My mother came back from a week in Vienna yesterday. She travelled by train. Her train was leaving almost an hour later – and it was OK! She said, when she entered the train station and saw hundreds of people in there she was surprised how peaceful and calm everything was handled. Everybody was so well-behaved and patient. The people were following the advises of the helpers. Everything was perfectly organized. The refugees were provided with food, drinks, and coffee. There were spots where clothes and toys were stored. Everybody could go and just take what they needed. My mom said she saw a child picking a stuffed animal and holding it tight to its chest. To tell from the president of the Caritas, they only took what they really needed. There was an atmosphere of peace, compassion, and gratitude everywhere.

kind-113~_v-videowebl ein-junge-aus-kobane-macht-am-wiener-westbahnhof-45731339-ziel-almanja-entspannung-1893026_544_0

When asked, some of the refugees said that this was the first time since they have been on their journey that they are feeling safe and welcomed. Finally they knew what the next step may be. Imagine they left for Europe in a hurry with their families. The have no idea how their life may turn out and what they may find. They only want to live a life. They would have rather stayed home in peace. Now they need a new home and we are asked to help our fellow-men in need as we would be glad to be helped. One of the helpers, a young man, said: “There are people in need. The “why” is unimportant!

While the refugees were kept on hold in Hungary until Friday, thousands of people gathered in Vienna to demonstrate for humanity.

Demonstration Asylpolitik

It is German but this song is best fitting, an inofficial anthem to my country: I am from Austria!

Did I mention how proud I am that I am Austrian? Did I mention how proud I am of my home country? Austria is well-known for any humanitarian help, whether it is needed in their own country or in any part of the world. For some years we have an organization of thousands of volunteers. We have annual huge donation events from a the biggest radio station and TV station. We have an organization called “Nachbar in Not” (Neighbor in Need) which was founded during the Yugoslavia war. And we have much more of those organizations.

After all those people have gone through and have seen on their horrible journey those pictures are deeply moving. Seriously, I was crying throughout preparing this post. There is so much love in this world. Really, there is! Thank you, Austria!

151.238 1138796_m3t1w310h186q75v16385_RTX1RA5U

We are all inhabitants of the same planet. May this be the little start for a big change in our world.

In Love and Light

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