How to live a successful life! Part 3


Love, what you do!

Part 3 of my success series is about the powerful energy of love – See part 2 Authenticity

When am I successful? It is when I am grateful and joyful in doing what feels like an eternal flame burning in my heart. Doing something that is joyful to you and simultaneously brings joy into other people’s lives is the greatest fulfillment and success you can have in life. When you do what you do with love, things work faster and easier. Doing something with love makes you more concentrated and focused, and keeps you at the moment.

Love is the highest and greatest force in the universe. Everything that has been developed, raised, or improved by love has the seed of eternity inside. Whatever was made with the breath of love owns a divine core. Since we are all divine beings love is the basis of our existence. It is the essence of who we really are. We were born out of God’s love and we are what we come from. So when we think, talk, act, and create we should do it from this place of love inside of us. Then we put the spark of love into everything we do, which spreads the energy of love. Everything that contains this divine love is filled and nurtured with the greatest supportive power that is available.

There are often things we don’t like to do or are even scared of. Sometimes we can avoid situations and persons. But sometimes we can’t. If you try to resist something you cannot prevent then your inner tension will only grow and make things worse. Whenever something like that is challenging you to make a conscious decision and say to yourself: I have to face what’s coming up. I decide to change my inner concept and let love flow into this talk/task/event. I will love what I do and I know that I will be given the greatest support. In letting love flow through my thoughts and actions things will always turn out perfect.

The decision to let love flow into your projects transforms the quality of your approach. Fear, anger, and ignorance simply dissolve and are replaced by a peaceful and deep knowing that all is well. A challenge faced with love makes you steadfast and is already an insight into which you grow and which strengthens you. It expands your faith in yourSelf and in the divine power you are connected with. At the moment you open up for love you also open up the channel for the divine flow. Divinity will flow through you and into everything you touch.

Let love be the companion of your thoughts, the inspiration of your creations, and the engine of your daily actions. With love as a carpet you walk on your visions and ideas will manifest faster and more exactly since they are born out of the deepest and purest spirit that you truly are. A project aligned with divine love will always succeed!

Next week part 4 will have the title: Don’t doubt but open up your mind!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Love is a powerful source of inspiration. Thank you always for sharing your light and insightful soul. Really uplifting. Love should be the foundation of all we do. Thanks again, Erika.

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It definitely should. As soon as I started making love as the source of my actions my love was never the same anymore. Things unfold and love flows into actions, things unfold, and relationships heal or unfold. I am sure you experienced the same in your life.

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Yes, I have. Allowing love to be the source of what I do and who I am, opened my life to some really wonderful experiences and I can see the nature of love in action.

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