“Our Love Conquers The Distance!”

It made me think a lot. During the past weeks, my Monday posts always were inspired by comments of topics of other blogger friends. I am very thankful about that and I go with it because I think that topic is meant to be.

When there is a deep connection of love words don’t suffice anymore. A simple look can say so much more than 1000 words. A simple touch or kiss at the right moment gives answers which no words would ever be able to express. And I don’t even talk about making love yet. Sometimes it is even enough to just sit side by side looking into the same direction, watching a sunset together, and simply dwelling in the energy of love that embraces both.


But what, when the geographic distance doesn’t allow to feel and see each other? What when words are the only way of expressing what those two people feel? That definitely is one of the hardest challenges of two spirits in love. Yes, they are connected by heart, they trust and would wait forever for each other. But when feelings are so strong that they cannot be expressed through words anymore or when all the words seem already used, those feelings can truly become horribly overwhelming. It can become a physical pain. There is the part of just being connected by heart and the feeling of the connection. But there is also the other part where we want to perceive the person we love with our senses. We are living in a physical world and we have our senses in order to receive information but also to pass this information on and to express ourselves.


True love will overcome this. The two lovers may be longing for each other. It may be painful but also beautiful to feel so deep. They will have the endurance to wait until the next encounter is possible. One thing is for sure: Whenever they meet they will cherish those moments and the presence of the other one with a gratitude they might not have if seen each other on a daily base. It is one of the many unique stories that love writes. True love cannot be switched off and nothing can hold it back from blooming. Even if they doubt the sense of that love – if it is love it won’t subside. The longer the time of separation the stronger the flame.


Love is an energy originated from a force which created this world and all life. This energy lives in all of us whether we are in a physical body or not. The invisible spirit within your body is always connected with every spirit through the invisible energy of love. That means that love flows through and to everything and knows no borders. As I mentioned in previous posts: We have made agreements with other spirits for this lifetime, also with our spouses. When the time has come, love simply happens. It can happen through an eye-to-eye encounter, through writing, through a phone call, through seeing a photo… And we know in that very moment: It’s him/her.


For all of you who are leading a long-distance relationship, hang in there. Don’t lose hope, don’t question the sense. If it wasn’t meant to be you wouldn’t share this love. There will come a time when things get easier. Until then just let your love flow and grow. There are so many ways we can express and show what we feel for our loved one until we can let action speak. There are gestures like sending a surprise package, a handwritten letter, or a love song recorded on the cell phone. The creativity knows no limits when it comes to love. Love is a wonderful thing and you are writing your own love story.

In Love and Light!

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OH wow I love this Erika! You are right about this! I have sustained very close friendships long distance in fact most of mine are long distance! So far I have met 4 bloggers from WP in person. I have deep very close relationship and you are right about this! I believe in it! In fact it’s probably stronger then a real one! I love that so much! This is beautiful! ❀

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Erika! This was such a delicate handling πŸ™‚ I am honored some of my thoughts were extended in such a beautiful manner.
The part of long distance – well. It happened with me. We broke up because of other reasons but when I hugged him, it had felt like I was hugging a stranger. Your words made me wistful; wish I had been wiser.

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No, Prajakty. I truly believe that it works when those people are meant for each other. But then they feel it and can overcome that gap. If that is not the case then they feel like you did – like strangers after a while. It was a part of your life and something new developed out of it. There are no accidents in this perfectly organized universe. However things went was OK. I am thankful for your comment which inspired me to this post! πŸ™‚

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on a pracitical plane no way. sure is eternal and divine. i was at an arbys recently and there was a woman from austrialia there with four kids and she was with a surfer biker dude with long hair and ponytail . he fed them all she protested. i instanlty thought online hookup and he was shookup. stick to irl.

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I have read your post twice and also read almost all the comments too, so, before me, almost all of them have said, there is nothing left to write, just saying simple “congratulation” for writing such a sweet post, because, like to true love, true expression also does not need fancy words,articulate thoughts, so,I wish, you will understand, what I mean.
Wishing you all the best………….

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beautiful post and I agree…my husband and I were in a long distance relationships for a a few years and I know how difficult it can be…but I also learnt to lean into that love and both of us found a deeper connection that brought us closer where it mattered ❀ Thank you for sharing Erika πŸ™‚

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Thank you for sharing your experience. That is a beautiful story and confirms that true love simply conquers all. When it’s meant to be there is nothing that can come between that love. Thank you so much! 😊

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