Introducing New Blogs I Follow!

Friday is introduction day on my blog. This week again I started following some new great blogs and bloggers. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I really truly appreciate each one of my followers. I am so thankful for you. At this point I want to apologize that I cannot follow everyone back although I would love to. Since you can rely on that I visit every post it simply is a matter of time.

But now here are my latest discoveries (no drums for now… still having a headache from Amanda’s and my follow-up award party from yesterday):

Please check them out if you don’t know them by now!

In Love and Light!

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How sweet. Thanks so much, Erika. I don’t remember who said it, but it’s been said that the key to success in life can often be in helping others get what they want. That could be your mantra..your kindness in recognizing others is special. While not sure how many followers I can handle at this point, ( Help !!) I am always honored to be mentioned. xoxo Van

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I am soooo happy that you feel that way. I love to support others. I received so much support and I want to pass that on in my way. I just regret that I only started introducing new blogger about a month ago. But I will keep that up! You are much appreciated, Van! Linda just wrote that she is so very excited to meet you this year. WP really connects.

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And so are you, Michelle, full of love and compassion! Thank you for reblogging this as well. You are of such a support for the community – simply an earth angel!


I agree with you! I have not been doing that much and I have forgotten how supportive everyone is and how much I love blogging! I was letting my life overrun and overtake me but I’m learning to balance better and that is a good thing. ❀ Thank you for your beautiful email! πŸ˜€


OH boy me too! Once one of yours got in there! Here’s what I really would love is that the ones I mark spam would go there always! I have this person that is not so nice on my blog. In fact quite cruel so I’ve had to be vigilant to make sure they stay there! πŸ˜›

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