The Creative Blogger Award

My heartfelt thank you to Sukanya from . She just nominated me for this wonderful award. It is the second time I got nominated for it and I love this one a lot! Please check Sukanya’s blog out.

Now to the rules:

You people have to give 5 random facts about yourselves.

Nominate others to do the same.There is no mention of limit on number of bloggers.

Link to their blogs.

Since I am open and honest and don’t try to be someone I am not, my followers might already know more about me than I myself. But I try to dig for some facts you don’t know yet:

  1. My last name Kind is my real name. But the magic of this name only works in English. In German (my mother tongue) it means “child”…
  2. I am visiting the States (most of all California) every year at least once. My first and by now only ticket I received a year ago. It was in the rush hour on the 405 and I missed the exit. While trying to find back on track I cut off a motorcycle… unfortunately it was a cop. 20150406_163228
  3. I am a singer and have been often called for singing at ceremonies in churches. It must have been 9 years ago at Easter. I was one of 4 soloist and we had to sing a composition of Mozart. I sang the alto. Nothing spectacular! But once I missed my entry. Wasn’t that bad for me. But the soprano relied on me instead of counting. Her entry came after mine and she was way too late… she got completely lost… Nobody noticed my fault, but hers!
  4. I had a phobia of spiders. But I worked on myself and took the chance to hold a tarantula in hands. Do I like spiders now? No, but they don’t scare me anymore. IMG_9003
  5. When I was a school kid I was more of a boy than a girl. Instead of flowers I often “surprised” my mom with slow worms I found on my way home.

Now to the bloggers I love to nominate. I do that for different reasons, for their creativity, for the long-lasting and close friendships and also because I want to introduce some new connections. All are wonderful and highly appreciated. There are so many more but I limited the number to 10. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Arthur’s Day Child

Busy Mind Thinking

Caramelize Life

Deep Life Insights

Inside the Life of Moi

Life and Success

Madraasi – A Tamilian Tales

Mihran Kalaydjian

Tell me about it

The V-Pub

Please feel free to participate. First and foremost I want to take advantage of this award in order to present your blogs. For all of you who participate I am looking forward to your five facts.

One again a big thank you to Sukanya for nominating me!

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.





Thank you for the nomination! I am looking forward to figuring out my 5 random facts :0). I do love yours about spiders, I too, do not like them. In fact and a little silly, I tell the spiders in my home that if I can see them then they will not live long however, if they don’t bother me I will return the favor!

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No, sorry, dear! It really has to be a decision you make. You know I wouldn’t just pick up one wit my hands even now. But I lost my phobia. For sure I would hold a tarantula in hands again. That’s different. I thanked that little creature that it helped me to become more tolerant towards nature. I was surprised that this huge spider was so light. I did not feel it when it sat on my palm. Only when it was walking it tiggled a little.

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The best way to conquer your fear is to face it… but this means holding a big spider in my hand without screaming… Yep, that’s going to be tough! Well done for being brave enough to do that.

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I was just ready then. My daughter tried it too, but she wasn’t ready … and it had the oposite effect… So no need to rush anything. Have a good night, Amanda!


Thank you, Matthew! Happy to see you today! I would have loved to nominated you but I thought I would wait until you have recovered. You know that I honor and appreciate you every day! Big hugs to you Matthew!

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Erika, Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You too are always lifted up in my prayer time as well as my quiet time. You are forever remembered by me dear friend. Much love and hugs back. ~Matthew

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