This morning I heard in the news that the father of one of my child hood series had died.

I grew up with these 5 minutes movies. It was most popular in the 70s but is still known and advertised. I loved this funny family that could change form however they needed it. I remember watching it with one of my sisters. She said: “I am Barbabella.” I said: “That’s not possible.” My sister asked: “Why?” “Because I am already Barbabella. You can be the one with the glasses.” You need to know that I am the oldest of three girls. So there was no chance for her. Anyway, in real life I am the only one of the three of us who needs glasses… 😖

Here is one episode in German. I couldn’t find an English one. Have fun anyway:

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


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I’ve heard about it I thought it was in Austria but now I see it’s between Austria and Swiss. I saw you writing in German I’ve been in Munique on vacations once a long time ago, I went to Tirol very beautiful.

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Yes, it is a small country between Austria and Switzerland within the alps. Originally I am from Austria, from Vienna. We speak German in Liechtenstein, too. So when you are planning to be in the area once let me know and we could go for a coffee 😉 I’ve been to Portugal once … aaahhm… 33 years ago… OMG, that’s crazy how long ago that is. Back then we drove along the Algarve and went to Lisboa.

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Well thank you, I would be honored! I used to live in Algarve (I’m a southern girl) now I’m living in Lisbon for about 22 years. My heart is in Alentejo, and my mind and most of my friends are in Algarve (I hate Lisbon, although I was born here people don’t know how to live). In Algarve I had friends from Berlin, Frankfurt, Italy, France, and Swiss. I love to know people with a different mentality… I love my country I just don’t identify myself with society here. So you saw the best sea shore in the world LOL do you miss it?

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It is long ago, I was 12 years of age and honestly I don’t have too much memory. As far as I remember it was even very rainy all the time and cool. We were ther in early April. So perhaps not the best time… But my son wants to go to Portugal. So maybe one day I’ll be back and see everything with more conscious eyes… 😉


I have no plans to travel in a near future. I am about to go “under the knife” in a month or two. I am still doing some tests and appointments but I am going to have a full hysterectomy in a month or two. So maybe next year I will get out of this ugly city and will say hi to you there, who know? I hope nothing bad happens along the way.

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Thank you, hope so! About Algarve, it has evolve the cities are so big you have to go there, your son will love it! Today In Lisbon we have 19C hot!!! A beautiful spring day and I wish I could go to the beach! This country, forgetting the way our governments keep destroying our pride in being Portuguese, it’s a country who would give life to the dead! LOL just the smell of nature here is better than any drug in the world. Listen to your son!! Pack your bags and come! Last summer lasted until mid November too hot! I’m excited, this country is the love of my life…

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Ok I’ll be waiting! Have a good day take care, pleasure talking to you. Lunch time, I’m be around later at night. Take care. You are great! 😉

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I forgot about them! Lol you just remember the best days of my life in the 70’s, in my country they were called Barbapapa! Pretty cute thank you for reminding me of these happy thoughts!

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LOL sorry for that I am so tired I red something else… Of course they have the same name. Hi, I’m from Portugal,you?

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OH but what lovely eyes you have and glasses makes us look very wise! I slip mine on just so I look like I know what I’m talking about but I find I spend most of my time taking them off and putting them back on again! I have never heard of this cartoon. They are so cute! I love the conversation with you and your sister. I forget how we used to do that too. Play like you were one of the characters on TV. Sweet memories!

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Yeah, that was always funny. Always when we watched a movie we picked a character and identified with it. Was fun. Regarding the glasses… you maybe right, at least we look wiser… lol


It was fun, but I am glad I am at the point I am today… once again school, once again all that growing up stuff… no. It is great the way it is… lol


That’s right, kid’s stuff is always perfect for that. But I love that you learned it once and for sure are able to get into it again. If it wasn’t my mother tongue I don’t think I would have ever thought about learning it… lol

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