Reincarnation and Karma


Whenever people talk about karma they usually mean something bad, that follows and bothers them. If someone has to suffer from a bad disease, is bad lucky all the time or even “struck by fate” some people explain it with “bad karma”. They see it like a punishment of something caused in a former life and now the person has to face it again and again. Some also talk about “good karma” which means you get rewarded for the good things you did in a former life.

I believe neither in good nor in bad karma. And neither are we punished in any life for anything we did in a former life. As I wrote in my former post “What is the reason we incarnate?”, we incarnate because we want to experience ourselves in a physical body with all it comes with. We learn much better in the world of opposites and we want to practice what we already know in theory. That’s why we come here. For each lifetime we set some certain goals we want to reach, certain experiences we want to make and certain lessons we want to learn. If we did not finish something in one incarnation it is still on our To-Do-list. But what we want to check off our list is always up to us. When we plan our next incarnation we chose what we want to deal with from that list, what we want to experience new and what we postpone for another incarnation. We already had so many life times. We can impossibly include all unfinished or nonsatisfying projects in one single life time.

Whatever we have to go through in a physical life is our choice. I have to be more specific: We choose the goal and the experience. But how we reach these goals and experiences is up to us and depends on how we walk through life. This is also my way of explaining fate and destiny. Fate is theย  goal or experience we set for an incarnation. It will happen and everything will be done for us to reach it – we cannot change it, once incarnated. Destiny is the way we deal with life, our attitudes and therefore how we reach our goals and what we make of our experiences – this is up to us within an incarnation and part of our life’s journey.

For our incarnation we also chose our parents, children, our friends and all the people who play important roles. Although we don’t chose everything what happens in our life deliberately it is a part of helping us reaching our goals anyway. Everything is put in a perfect order and therefore one event is serving several incarnated souls.

On example is the sudden death of my father. My father died unexpectedly at the age of 65. My mom has had to deal with the loss, to get her life reorganized and everything he left back. I an my sisters lost our father, his grandkids lost their grandpa. It influenced the employees of his company. The ones had to look for another job, the others had to deal with a different way of leadership. It influenced everybody my father was in touch with and all of them had to embed his death in their lives in a different way. But everybody learned and developed something of it which was meant right for this person. We don’t have control over anything than our thoughts and feelings which makes us act and react in a certain way. Therefore we need things to happen which we cannot control. They are keeping our development in motion. Without them we would get stuck and not be able to develop certain abilities or characteristics which are necessary to reach the goals on behalf of which we have incarnated. We don’t (want to) understand it when life is challenging us. But knowing that everything happens for a reason makes it easier to face and walk through the situation in order to find out what’s the blessing behind.

Being here is not a punishment. It is the opportunity to experience a physical life. We only have problems to accept it once we are in this physical body. But before and after we realize that it is not our real existence and that nothing can ever harm us. We even get the opportunity to come back again and again – and we do it! When a woman wants children, her focus lies on the child in first place and not on the pregnancy or birth. When it comes to birth of course she thinks she would never ever get pregnant anymore. But once the child is born and some time has passed, labor pain is not the central subject anymore but the joy of the new family member. It is the same when we plan another incarnation. It is the greater context, the experience, the high after the low, the light after the dark, the love after the isolation.

I am so happy to be here and I enjoy every moment in its being. I am happy that I have the chance to make this life the best one ever!

In Love and Light!


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


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What a beautiful post Erika!
In Hindi, we call Karma as Karm and in literal terms we simply relate it to one’s actions. There is a saying “Jaisi karni, waisi bharni” which means that we reap what we sow!
People who see Karma as negative are simply not understanding it’s real meaning.
I believe in Karma and also that if I’ve got this life as a human I might have done something really good in my life to have gotten this golden chance to live as this intelligent species ๐Ÿ™‚
I love my life and I’m sure my karma will help me achieve what I’ve been wanting from this life as well as from the lives before!
I really love the way you think and I’m happy that you see Karma as a positive thing ๐Ÿ˜€

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Your comment leaves me speechless! I hope that you truly know, that you are an amazing woman! You are so young and you are so wise! You must have seen and experienced a lot in your young age and yes, your faith is enormous strong. I am very happy that we met! โค

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I could say that Karma exists but it has never been laws.

For example, if I kill woman. Then next year, another woman, who has no involvement in previous woman, kills me.

or even abuse the laws of karma people believe but they still frustrated and don’t know why they still get nothing or punished after they do good.

because it is not laws but karma is the result of unconscious mind.
You might be interested in this post. Please feel free to check it out.

Keep posting your nice thoughts
Jade the Mystic

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Hi, thanks for your comment. Just to make sure I understand you the right way, please let me sum it up with my words:
You mean that Karma exists, but not in the negative meaning of so many people. And for them it is the punishment for what they did in the past, or they excuse their position as a victim with karma although they try to be a good person. Is that what you mean? Yes I believe so. Unfortunately those people get stuck in their situation right because they believe in this negative meaning or are even living in fear. If they saw that it is only their attitude, they could change their lives instantly. I’d love to soon check your blog out. This is very intersting. Thank you!!!

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Excellent explanation, Erika. I always think of karma in the negative, but it can be a ‘pay it forward’ experience as well. I wonder, we choose our friends and family, but do we choose our adversaries, too?

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Very, very good question! Thank you, Rob! We do. But perhaps not the way you might guess. All of us are beautiful souls – try to keep this in mind whenever you get bothered. All of us come here for experiencing themselves in all possible ways. And WE ALL are HELPING each other to to experience life the way we planned it before we came into this physical body. There are souls so full of love that they agree to play the part of the bad guy in order that you can make your experience, develop characteristics reach your goals, or whatever. Sure we don’t remember and we would never choose to be challenged as soon as we are here. It can be very hard and we curse those people. But in the end we would have never reached certain levels without them. There are no coincidences. As soon as we learn our lesson or make the experience they either won’t bother us anymore or we can let them be. We always get what we need in order to fulfill our plan. And we will get it the way we understand it best! Some people can challenge us either because we really wanted to find out how it feels to be treated this or that way, or because they push us in a certain direction. It can be both as well. Think back in your life. What people made you move the most? It is a very big topic. There is a beautiful children’s book by Neale Donald Walsch “The little Soul and the Sun”. It is also great for adults too. I love it. It shows and explains with a touching story a possible way how we plan our incarnation and how we choose the peeps around. If you love a person you don’t want to hurt this person. Now imagine that we all are pure love in our core (that what we really are is pure love). How much love must be in a soul that it provides itself for being an adversary towards someone it profoundly loves only to serve this person’s plan? A difficult topic. I know! But remember that our true being is immortal and physical life is only a twinkle of an eye compared to eternity. Also the purpose of being here is to play a part in a movie. Being in here on earth turns more out like the playground of experience. We get a body, enjoy, expore, and experience ourselves and then we give away the body again. It is not real life, although we are so convinced, which only causes most of our problems. But nothing can harm who we really are. In Walsch’s book one Soul says: “Please promise me that whatever I say or do (and I will do terrible things) never forget who I am.”

By the way, have you once experienced that you met someone and felt like knowing this person forever?

Regarding the negative touch of karma, I don’t believe in any intended negativity from above. Life happens, things simply happen and they happen for a reason. Negative is what we make of it, how we perceive and display it. In the end we decide if we declare it a problem or a chance to develop something out of it. This decision defines the way we deal with what happens.
We cannot control what happens around us but the way we deal with it.

I really hope I answered your questions well for you. There is so much in my mind to it and I hope I put it in an understandable English order ๐Ÿ˜‰


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